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Top 10 Mobile App Explainer Video Overview.

The mobile app industry is one of the fastest growing industries these days. With over 3.8 billion active smartphone users around the world, there are more than enough opportunities for app developers to expand their reach and influence with mobile applications.


While the world of technology is evolving rapidly, there is no doubt that the future of mobile apps is and will remain bright. However, the downside to such massive growth is the increase in competition that mobile app developers have to deal with.


Whether we’re talking about small companies or e-commerce giants such as Amazon, there’s always going to be room for competition when it comes to fighting for customer’s attention. App explainer videos are a great weapon that can secure your victory in that battle, as long as you’re using them correctly.


With an explainer video, app developers can present their projects in an engaging and fun manner. These clips can attract various types of audiences because of engaging visuals and animations. Why tell you when we can show you!


Here are the 10 best examples of how an animated video production can help explain what your mobile app does:



#1 Google Calendar Mobile App Explainer Video

We’ll start off with one of the most popular mobile apps on the market – the Google Calendar App. This is an application that allows you to keep a digital schedule, track and monitor your tasks and assignments, as well as stay on track with all your daily, weekly, and monthly activities. However, there are hundreds, if not even thousands of other calendar apps on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play. What makes the Google Calendar App so different? Well, this is one of the most advanced calendar applications, which Google clearly presented through their animated explainer videos. Their video is heavily focused on explaining the product – showing the users what the app does and how it does it. However, if you look at the advanced and professionally done animations they put together, the video is actually quite fun and entertaining, rather than dull and boring to watch.



#2 Amazon Prime Day Mobile App Explainer Video


Next up is the Amazon Prime Day explainer video, which is slightly different from the rest of the clips on our list. When it comes to a company as big as Amazon, you don’t really have to spend a lot of time building a relationship with the customers or convincing them to use their product. Amazon has a very loyal customer base so they got this part of the deal covered. Hence, their explainer video is strictly focused on telling you exactly what you get out of this app.  Surprisingly, the clip lasts only 17 seconds, which seems to be more than enough time to get people hooked on this service. This is a great example of how even the shortest explainer video can work for a company as big as Amazon. They managed to get the most out of this short clip by introducing a character (like the cat) to capture people’s interest and convey the story.




#3 Need Done App Explainer Video


Need Done is a useful Childcare app that helps parents deal with common issues in the household or outside of it. Most simply put, the app lets you get the help you need whenever you need it, whether it’s a babysitter you need or a quick cleaning or repair service. While it sounds easy to understand, some might find this concept complicated since you don’t know where the help is coming from or what you need to do to get started. Hence, the company behind the app created an explainer video to show people how Need Done works. The video itself is simple and straightforward – it tells you what the app does and how it does it. Cheers to Need Done for such a great use of visual animations! After all, an app like this can help parents solve problems easier than ever.




#4 Fixy App Explainer Video

Just to show you how explainer videos can be adapted to any industry, we decided to go from parental apps to a home maintenance service app such as Fixy. Fixy is a one-stop-shop for all handyman, repair, and cleaning services. The video shows you how to use the app to book home maintenance services quickly and conveniently. All you have to do is select the service you need and choose what needs fixing. Then select at what time should the repairman arrive and you’re good to go. All of this is nicely explained in the app’s explainer video that emphasises the benefits of using a service of this kind. The video highlights both the services provided by Fixy and its simple interface. The whole point of the video is to make sure the customer knows how to use the app right after watching the clip, thus encouraging them to download it right away.




#5 Kofax Mobile App Explainer Video


Next up is an explainer video by Kofax, an analytics app that requires a lot of explaining for the regular customer to understand it. As a leading provider of smart process applications, Kofax is well familiar with the market and what it takes to keep the customer engaged. Hence, they created an explainer video that suits those requirements. Their smart process application serves to simplify the business by combining market leading capture, analytics, and mobile capabilities. All of this is explained in their animated intro video that shows how Kofax Capture solves problems related to insurance claims. Since this is such a complex topic, using an explainer video to simplify it is actually a great idea!




#6 Embark Application Video Explainer


Next up is the Embark app explainer video that shows how this type of animated content can be used in the travel industry. Namely, Embark is a global public transport app that helps people find the best and most convenient flights and transportation to different locations. Even though the service is as simple as it gets, they still needed an explainer video to bring their mission closer to the audience and build a better relationship with potential customers. Thus, this travel app explainer example shows how you can get the best and cheapest travel deals at the click of a button.



#7 Onlife Health Animated Explainer Video

Healthcare is one of those industries that has gone through significant changes thanks to the adoption of digital technologies. Nowadays, there are many apps designed for the purpose of improving healthcare services and making them more available. One of those apps is the Onlife Health App, a comprehensive wellness application. The app helps large companies and organizations engage their members and create a culture around health and well being. Their explainer video briefly summarizes the purpose of the app and its features and interface. It’s all very simple and straightforward.





#8 WU Money Mobile Application Video Explainer


Western Union, or WU for short, is the world’s leading payment provider that helps businesses and individuals transfer money across any location. Their Money App is essentially a digital payment app that allows people to send money to anywhere in the world right from their pocket. All of this is explained in Western Union’s animated video, along with a brief tutorial on how you can partner with Western Union Bill Payments to unlock additional features and payment strategies. Overall, it’s safe to say that their explainer video content is on point.



#9 eFindr Explainer Video


Here’s an example how this type of animated video content can be helpful in the social networking space. eFindr is a social networking app that lets users know which of their friends have the profession they are looking for. That way, people can connect with others for work, whether they are looking for maintenance services or digital services such as web design. eFindr took advantage of animated explainer video content to showcase how this app can help you connect with experts in your area that you might even already know! The video covers the basics on how to use eFinder, as well as highlights the app’s features and benefits.


#10 Traveloka Mobile App Explainer Video


Last but not least, here’s a travel industry example to wrap up our list. Traveloka is an online ticketing app that made an explainer video for the purpose of presenting their service. As you can see in the animated clip, the app lets you find and book airline and hotel tickets in Indonesia. Although it is very specific to one location, the app works with airlines around the world meaning you can fly anywhere you want. Moreover, the video clearly showcases the bonus features such as getting flight price alerts and the ability to reschedule booked flights. The focus of the video is to highlight how easy it is to use this flexible service.




Final Words – Top 10 Mobile App Explainer Video Examples

To sum it all up, explainer video content is extremely popular in the mobile app industry and, besides capturing people’s attention, it helps app developers clearly explain the vision and mission of their projects.


If you’re working on an app or you’re planning a launch, consider using explainer videos as a great form of educative and marketing content.



Top 10 Mobile App Explainer Video Examples an Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | CMO | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production


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