Top 20 Best Explainer Videos On Cryptocurrency

Top 20 Best Explainer Videos On ICO & Cryptocurrency 


Cryptocurrency animation videos are simple, short and to-the-point videos that many companies are using to explain and clarify their cryptocurrency. They usually have information on how to use the currency and how the entire transaction is secured when you make a payment. Using animated explainer videos you can showcase the features of your cryptocurrency, clarify how to use the wallet and explain the entire application quickly and clearly.

The article below contains the top 20 cryptocurrency animation videos at this moment so keep reading to see how you can use animated explainer videos to market your own financial business in this space.



Bitrated Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Explainer Video

Bitrated is a platform that provides a solution for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Their platform offers fraud prevention and protection solutions. Their system operates using a reputation management system and a marketplace for arbitration services. The explainer animation video below shows the entire process of how their platform works and how they build trust with the users through the blockchain technology.


DMI Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Explainer Video

DMI stands for Digital Mining Investments and they offer a way to invest in Bitcoin. It’s a Mining Service Company based in the U.S and its primary goal is to sell bitcoin contracts using a simple process to check out the goods. They guarantee to return your investment each and every month and they pride themselves on this point. Take a look at their animated explainer video and learn how DMI works to give their customers an opportunity to mine bitcoin.


Nano Cryptocurrency Animation Explainer Video

Nano is a payment platform that has zero-fee transactions and extremely low-latency payment. On top of those perks, it requires minimal resources which is why many cryptocurrency traders find it ideal. This digital currency is a way to pay fast and free for everything you need in life. Even though it’s a digital currency it’s designed for the real world. The marketing explainer video below showcases all the features of Nano like the zero fee and instant transactions.

Globitex Bitcoin Explainer Video

Globitex is a professional Bitcoin marketplace created by an amazing team. The marketplace offers digital currency exchange for everyone that wants to trade in Bitcoin. Their platform incorporates advanced IT solutions which makes this marketplace an institutional grade exchange platform for Bitcoin. The explainer animation video below shows exactly how Globitex works and how it can increase the liquidity of Bitcoin trading.

Coinone Bitcoin Animated Explainer Video

Coinone is a platform located in South Korea. It allows users to buy, sell and store Bitcoin using their accounts. Their exchange service is swift and easy to use which means the users can make fast and efficient trades. The explainer video below shows how quick and fast you can trade on the Coinone platform with just a single click.


ReddCoin Cryptocurrency Animation Explainer Video

ReddCoin is a digital currency platform that integrates all major social media networks which makes the entire process of sending and receiving money more fun. It’s a cryptocurrency that is mainly used for tipping people on social platforms. Their animation explainer video shows how easy it is to use ReddCoin to send and receive money on most social media.


Mimic Cryptocurrency Animated Explainer Video

Mimic is a platform that allows its users to get involved in the financial markets by using the trading strategies and tricks of many experienced and successful traders that have incredible track records. The platform is professionally designed and simple to use. It allows the users to pick a few traders to follow and analyze their trades and statistical data. They have an awesome animated explainer video to showcase the features of Mimic and how it all works.


Amon Cryptocurrency Explainer Video

Amon is a debit card on which you can store your cryptocurrency. It can be acquired by everyone and it has a crypto wallet with multi-currency. You can use this card for everyday purchases due to the state-of-the-art AI wallet that provides an immense value to the crypto holder. The cryptocurrency explainer video below will clarify how the Amon Card works and how you can use it to make everyday purchases.


CoinX Cryptocurrency Explainer Video

CoinX is one of the most premier digital currency exchange platforms. This platform allows you to convert your money to Bitcoin and your Bitcoin into traditional money. The platform is serious about financial compliance and they have a great animation video explainer that you can check out below.


BTChain Bitcoin Explainer Video

BTChain is a Bitcoin trading platform on the rise. The platform allows you to trade on the cryptocurrency market and they have some great features such as automatic e-investment which is extremely secure. It’s one of the best features on the platform and it’s well explained in their animated explainer video below.


Tikebit Cryptocurrency Animation Explainer Video

Tikebit works without banks and credit cards. It’s a simple and fast way to gain access to the cryptocurrencies. You can get Tikebit in a local retail store as a voucher and redeem it later on to get cryptocurrencies. The animation video below shows how easy it is to use Tikebit to get some cryptocurrencies.


Tradewave Cryptocurrency Animated Explainer Video

One of the easiest ways to build your own algorithms for bitcoin trading is by using the Tradewave platform. This platform makes it easy to create automated strategies to trade in bitcoin. You can also run backtests and trade live with the majority of big cryptocurrencies. It’s a platform for cryptocurrency trading bots and it incorporates a natural language that you can use to edit your trading strategies. Here’s their animation video explainer that shows how this platform actually works.


Unocoin Bitcoin Marketing Explainer Video

Unocoin is a bitcoin wallet based in India. It has reliable services which are fast and secure. They have a system in place that the users can take advantage of and buy bitcoin by mitigating the risk of volatility. The marketing explainer video below shows the features of Unocoin and helps you understand how to buy, sell, store, use and accept Bitcoin easily and safely.


NXT Cryptocurrency Animated Explainer Video

One of the more advanced open source blockchain platforms on the web is NXT. Their platform is very functional and well-designed with a ton of features like an entire marketplace for cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Asset Exchange and a voting system. Their animated explainer video is very well made and captures the features of their platform so check it out below.


Bullion Bitcoin Animation Marketing Video

This is a platform where you can trade physical gold and bitcoin. Their users can hold or transfer gold bullions through the blockchain technology. The animation marketing video they have explains how easy it is to buy gold using bitcoin without any obstacles or interruptions.


Abucoins Cryptocurrency Explainer Video

Abucoins is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that has offices in London and Dubai. They support multiple different currencies for buying crypto such as EUR, USD and PLN. They have incredible customer support and a lot of other great features which you can see on their awesome animation explainer video below.


Tracto Cryptocurrency Animated Explainer Video

Tracto is an innovative technology that allows the user to create anonymous cryptocurrencies. They have a Tracto Token (ERC20) which is extremely private, secure and offers fast transactions. This token grows through peer-to-peer transactions within their community by fulfilling the day-to-day demands. Their explainer video is great and showcases how Tracto works and how you can make untraceable payments anonymously.


Decred Cryptocurrency Animation Explainer Video

Decred is a cryptocurrency that has a hybrid consensus system in place which allows this crypto to be decentralized, self-ruling and sustainable currency. The rules are made by all the stakeholders and it aims to be an autonomous digital currency. The introductory explainer marketing video below shows how Decred aims to be the future of finance.


DogeCoin Explainer Video

Dogecoing is a peer-to-peer digital currency that you can use to send money online in an easy and simple way. It’s a decentralized currency that you can get as long as you have a wallet on your PC, smartphone or a website. You can use this coin to get services, trade for other currencies or buy all kinds of goods. They have a well-made animated explainer video to show how this digital currency works.


Bounty0x Animated Explainer Video

Bounty0x is a decentralized bounty hunting network where you can look for tasks that need to be finished. They can range from simple tasks such as fixing a line of code to critical software bugs that need immediate attention. Once you finish a task you receive a Bounty0x token (BNTY) you can exchange for real money or use it to trade for other cryptocurrencies. Their explainer video is all you need to watch to understand how their platform works. Check it out below.



Explainer animation videos are a great way for showcasing the features of your app, company or brand. They are an effective tool you can use to bring more business to your site and increase your user base. The ingenuity of animated explainer videos shouldn’t be underestimated as they can drive your target customers to try out some of your products and you can reap the benefits of increasing traffic to your business.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Article Writer | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production

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