How To Optimize Your Business Videos For Higher Rankings


optimize business videos

People love video, millions of us consume videos online the world over. There are great chances that a customer remembers the video content and refer it to others in his or her social circle. As a result, your business message or slogans spreads rapidly through a video as compare to the print advertisement. Videos by themselves get huge traffic numbers these days. If you have a well optimized video, it will drive serious traffic to your business site which you can track with video analytics.


Here is how to optimize your videos to get maximum traffic to your business site:


Create a transcript for search engines

First of all, you must create a keyword rich title for the transcript of your business video. After that, you must create an introductory paragraph to explain the content of your video. In this way, you’ll help the search engines to easily find your video and also rank it high in the organic search.


Encode the keywords

Don’t forget to encode the keywords you are targeting into your video.  Use the word ‘video’ in the title, content and the Meta description of your business marketing video.


Get lots of back links for your business marketing video

The web crawlers are not capable of identifying the content of videos directly so they rely on the text links to figure out what the video is all about. To get the maximum traffic through your business marketing video, it is advised that you must get as many back links as possible for your video.


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Create a separate site map for your business marketing videos

Another important thing is to create a separate site map for your business videos in your web site. The web crawlers will easily and effortlessly find your business videos if you keep them in a separate directory.


Use the right file format for your business marketing videos

If you upload the videos in such a format that is not acceptable by the crawlers of search engines, you’ll get less traffic. The reason is that the web crawlers stay away from such formats. It is therefore advisable not to use such kind of file formats which discourages the web crawlers.


Optimize URLs of your business marketing videos

Optimizing the video pages will help the search engines to find and rank your videos easily. To make your pages easily accessible, you can use the mod-rewrite function.


Use the right thumbnail for video

The video thumbnail plays a vital role when it comes to decide for a viewer which video to watch. Different search engines use different methods to capture the thumbnails. They usually take the frames from the start, middle or end of the video. For this purpose, you should experiment with each site individually to make sure they’re displaying the right thumbnail.


Final thought

You can make a great video to spread your business message but if nobody or only a few viewers watch your video, it is just useless. You don’t need to spend money on promoting your business videos if you optimize them well and have good video analytics. Just stick to the steps as specified and you ought to have zero problems with how to get maximum exposure in search engines though videos.


We wish you an inspired business success !


Article by Nicole Delgado | Article Writer 2021 | The Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Videos





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