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In this article about top 10 Educational Video Examples you’ll learn how moving forward effectively using video would mean adapting our ways to suit a new learning environment.

The digital world we live in today is much more advanced than the one that existed just decades ago. We not only receive information through text anymore, but also videos and images which can be very helpful for understanding complicated topics or concepts like education does by providing a visual representation of what they teach us at school instead on having someone tell them directly all day long!



In order to bridge the gap between learning new stuff and the majority of people who often lose interest in information quickly, educators, teachers, and trainers must all overcome certain obstacles. Our current era of information consumption has made training efforts easier but it requires more funds in your budget to create animation for education.


Better knowledge and attentiveness are brought through educational videos on youtube. Production companies make “how-to” videos, cartoons, animation for teaching and explainer videos for businesses, employees, and students because of this.


Explainer animated videos for education allows you to put this process on autopilot so that the ordinary learner may go at their own pace, and this is the biggest advantage of these types of videos.


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What Are Explainer Animated Videos For Education?

Nowadays, most people don’t have the patience to sit through a class lecture, much less pay attention and truly learn something. Live instruction has been shown to be more efficient as a means of exchanging feedback or resolving questions, but learning itself is a completely different matter.

For educational institutions and training programs, developing a method of learning that simplifies complicated knowledge and conveys it in manageable, brief portions has become essential. To enhance audience engagement and attention, it’s crucial to make sure the information is delivered in an engaging manner. There can be no learning if the pupil is unable to discover interest.

In the contemporary digital environment, Educational videos on youtube are essential in just this way. By viewing videos, anyone can now acquire any sort of skill, topic, or discipline, making the learning process simpler. These instructive explainer videos use eye-catching graphics, gripping voiceovers, and clear audio and imagery to appeal to our brain’s cognitive functioning. They effectively communicate your idea through an engaging narrative that elicits a favorable emotional reaction and enables the reader to pick up new information gradually.




Using Animated Video For Education
Why Using Explainer Videos For Education Is A Good Idea


First and foremost, keep in mind that you can only focus for a short period of time.


In reality, the 50/10 study sessions are one well-liked study method. This implies that you spend 50 minutes studying before taking a 10-minute break.


The beautiful thing about many YouTube videos is that they make sure each lesson is concise and to the point. As a result, it is simpler to maintain concentration and attention without getting tired or distracted.


YouTube videos also have the advantage of being entertaining without being as distracting as study groups could be. Studying with friends may be enjoyable, but it’s also possible to become sidetracked and chat about subjects other than what you’re studying.


Playlists are used to arrange most YouTube videos. This indicates that each lesson is presented in the right sequence for learning the material.


Last but not least, some students just find it simpler to learn using visual or auditory techniques. YouTube videos are easier and more enjoyable to study from than textbooks since they offer both visual and aural support.



Without further ado, let’s look at some of the greatest online animations for teaching that are currently out there !

Top 10 Educational Explainer VideosTop 10 Educational Explainer Videos



Animated Explainer Videos For Education and E learning

The Animated Explainer Videos For Education and E learning video is a straightforward animation that brings together the tracking of your children’s school assignments and the participation of their parents. It is necessary to sign up and go over all of the details with both your child and the teachers.

This instructional explainer video from The Explainer Video Company presents a clear and concise breakdown of this marvelous concept which helps children stay on course and never miss an assignment.




Google Classroom 101 Video For Education

The fact that this information powerhouse is also the largest classroom in the world shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Google Classroom is presented in this lively and energizing explanation video. Google Classroom is under the G-suite umbrella and is largely geared toward educational purposes. It provides its students with a number of collaboration tools, such as chromebooks, to assist them in planning and organizing their academic endeavors.

Their presentation demonstrates how they have digitally replicated the feeling of learning in a classroom via the use of smooth sliding animations that are exhibited with a color combination that is trademarked by Google.

After that, it continues to discuss all of its beneficial features, such as scheduling, courses, exchanging study material, communicating with instructors, and a great deal more.




Similes and Metaphors Animated Video For Education

We are aware that the outcomes of learning are enhanced when a greater number of senses are engaged. This entails employing instructional materials that include vision, music, motion, and activities as pedagogical tools. All of these requirements are met by the GrammarSongs videos.

Melissa Kaye Corbett, the founder of GrammerSongs, is responsible for producing instructional videos that use music to better aid children in the process of learning and remembering certain grammatical principles. If you aren’t already doing so, you should think about the ways in which you may improve the outcomes of your videos by adding music and/or a voice-over.




Year 6 Ratio Question – Animation For Teaching

Mathematics is a subject that most children find boring. But using animation, something they love and can relate to in the form of characters from their favorite show or movie-we manage make math seem less daunting than it might otherwise appear!

This team created several funny yet still informative animations which illustrate various mathematical concepts such as addition within seconds by way of example; this helps young learners pick up on what’s being taught faster because its fun for them too!.

For those who struggle with understanding bar models sometimes there’s even an educational pack available complete wth 40 different character cards




Aviation Radio Broadcasts For Drone Operators – Animation For Education

The complex mechanical system of a drone is described in this animation. It shows how it flies, and what happens inside the device when you fly them!

If we replace these animated educational videos with documents or presentation slides then students will still be able to understand as much information from their lessons because they’re not only shown visually but also through text messages (sometimes called “talked-story”).




Is Photographic Memory Real? – Animated Videos For Education

Just when you thought it was impossible, a new study proves that people with “photographic memories” actually exist! What is the science behind this? In this educational video on youtube let’s find out.

In order for someone to have what we call nowadays ‘ photographic memory ,’ they must be able not only retain information but also be aware of where each bit fits into their overall picture in space – which seems nearly impossible considering how quickly our minds move from one idea or thought after another during daily activities like cooking dinner tonight




Active ED – Animation For Teaching

A partnership involving many of the most influential educational groups in the world, including the Broad Center, the Strategic Data Project, and Education Pioneers. Another educational exchange program, Active ED, aims to supply future talents like managers, leaders, and analysts with a single-support platform that is fully equipped with all of the essential resources.

The primary takeaway from this video is communicated in a manner that is not overly complicated. You may connect with both newly prospective customers and previously established contacts. It highlights the Active ED platform as a resource center that provides all of the tools necessary to become an expert on the various aspects that the internet has to offer.




Oxbridge Educational Explainer Video

In this list of top 10 educational explainer video examples Oxbridge home learning is a web-based learning platform that provides high-caliber distant education at prices that are flexible.

Students who take classes through distance learning have unrestricted access to a tutor who may provide them advice and experience to help them work through any challenges they may be facing.

Participants may go through the material at their own leisure, inside the convenience of their own homes, and find it to be comprehensive, well-structured, and instructive.




Compound Interest Educational Explainer Video

Financial Animated Education Video from The Explainer Video Company

This animated video explains how compound interest works is a great example of an educational explainer video. It is simple and easy to understand for anyone watching and the numbers presented in the video are easy to track.

It’s way more effective than reading about it in an article or trying to figure it out on your own. The beautiful animations and engaging music only add to the video by keeping your attention on what is most important.




New Vision For Education Video Example

This movie is an excellent example of a conference video since it blends a simple visual design with a typographic driven approach. The education sector could definitely benefit from more examples of conference videos like this one. To a great extent, a cognitive link with the business is driven by the use of primary colors and the utilization of fundamental forms.


Conclusion: Top 10 Educational Explainer Video Examples

You may provide your kids and teachers with an experience that they will never forget by using explainer videos. In this ultimate guide to the top 10 educational explainer video examples you have discovered learning and education are the most crucial aspects of developing, and how you can provide this for them. These videos are a delight for everyone and can be utilized everywhere; regardless of whether it’s an examination, a training session, a normal class, a seminar, or a webinar, make the most of it and make your educational path for your kids, your students etc more exciting.



Article by Nicole Delgado 2022 | CMO | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Videos For Business


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