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The Ultimate Guide To Hiring The Best Animated Explainer Video Company For Your Business


So, your quest to find the the best animated explainer video company for your business is now on and you, along with countless other branding and marketing firms across the world arrive at the realization that they need to come up with fresh and unique ways to promote their own or their client’s brand in a more engaging and original way to their customers. When situations like these arise, explainer video companies come to the rescue. Adverts can be classified as classics or gold standards because they are timeless and effective throughout all eras. Some techniques, on the other hand, go out of favor simply because people have grown tired of them.


Animated explainer videos may be quite effective for firms that want to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide something new to their customers. Short commercials, marketing videos, product demos, app introductions, trade show films, and more – all of these may be enhanced even further by the use of eye-catching animation to capture the attention of prospective consumers.


After deciding to produce a super-creative promo or video advertisment for your next campaign, you will then need to find the best animated explainer video company with an extensive portfolio and years of expertise working in a variety of various sectors to help you.




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How To Best Partner With A Professional Video Animation Company


Video is the driving force connecting potential customers with companies in today’s society. Regardless of how big, small, specialized, or sophisticated your company is, video can help you express its value quickly and efficiently.

However, there are several approaches to creating an animated video. You have the option of doing it yourself, assembling an in-house team, or hiring freelancers for a specific project. When your approach necessitates quality and results, though, you’ll almost always need to hire a professional.

These video production studios are experts in their field and operate only to create amazing videos. However, for the magic to happen, the two parties involved – the brand and the video agency – must have a strong working connection.


Why Hiring A Video Production Company Is A Good Idea


Audiences’ expectations of brands have risen dramatically, and they now expect the greatest level of quality from them in terms of content. In this perspective, production quality is only the tip of the iceberg.


Professional video production studios provide the expertise, talent, and equipment to turn your brand’s distinct message into a fascinating and engaging clip. One that is not just visually appealing but also capable of engaging with your target audience and motivating them to act.

Fresh Perspective:

Being too connected to your own work may sometimes be unhelpful.

Don’t get me wrong: your expertise will be extremely useful during the production process. Video firms, on the other hand, have a strong and trained eye for giving your ideas a unique twist – especially for videos that concentrate around appealing narrative, such as explainers or product films.

Furthermore, a production company can offer the benefit of having a “outside perspective.” They’ll start from the beginning and learn all there is to know about your product or service. Making it easy for them to put themselves in their audience’s shoes and guarantee that their needs are met.

Save Valuable Time:

Producing a high-quality video is a time-consuming and difficult task – There’s a lot of effort, analysis, and stages that you’re probably not thinking about right now. From the conception of the work to the creation of the screenplay, editing, and everything in between.

You will be able to continue running your business as normal if you hire a corporation to handle all of those tasks. Overtime work, diversions, and stress should all be avoided.


Explainer Video Production Company

10 Tips To Help You Collaborate Successfully With An Explainer Video Production Company


Define The Purpose Of The Video

The objectives you set for your animated video will serve as the framework for the rest of the production. If you aren’t clear on what you want to achieve with your piece from the start, collaboration will be less successful. To do this you need to ask some basic questions:

      • What is the purpose of this video? – In other words, do you want to raise brand recognition, develop trust, attract new leads, and so on? What is the final objective of the piece?
      • Who is your main target market? — In other words, do they already know about your company or product, or do they need to be introduced? What demographics make up the group?
      • What are your preferences? – In terms of design, length, and other mechanical features. Although they will almost certainly alter over the process, it’s a good idea to start with a few ideas to get things started.

Understanding The Personality Of Your Brand

When it comes to the planning step of your explainer film, knowing your brand’s personality is critical so that we can set the correct tone. A firm attempting to present itself as approachable and fun loving will need to take a different approach to a more serious and corporate brand image.

Professional Presenter Or A Member Of Your Own Staff

Choosing the right person to appear in front of the camera might be the difference between success and failure. It’s crucial to understand the type and demographics of your user base. Will you be targeting a captive audience of individuals who already own your product or subscribe to your YouTube channel, or those who are searching for a solution to a problem on search engines?

Even if it’s tempting, keep in mind that you’re not selling or marketing your product in an explainer film, so steer clear of the sales pitch. Users of YouTube, in particular, are sophisticated and will soon become annoyed if they believe they are being sold something.

Define The Tone

The beauty of video content is that it can get your audience to notice, remember, and act on your message after they’ve watched it. Before you even begin working with a animation agency, you should consider what feeling you want to express — in other words, what tone you want your video production to have. Once you’ve decided on that, the production team can use your feedback to help form the overall tone of the film.

Now, the tone you use is heavily influenced by the qualities of your audience. Assume you want your audience to believe they can trust you. If you’re speaking with business people, you’ll most likely need to employ a more official tone. You can use a more personal or intimate approach if your audience is younger and more laid-back.

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Find The Right Explainer Video Company

One of the most difficult aspects of creating a video is finding an agency that can fulfill your objectives and satisfy your expectations. There are a lot of animated video production agencies out there, and deciding which one to use can be difficult.

You begin, conduct some research and be sure to look at their web portfolios. That will provide you a good starting point for determining whether their work is up to the standard you anticipate for your project.

Another important factor to think about is how they manage communication. You want to work with a firm that has several open lines of communication, listens to and answers to all of your issues, and keeps you informed at all times.

It’s also crucial to consider what previous clients have stated about dealing with them. Take some time to read consumer testimonies and reviews. You can also seek advice from trusted peers and ask for referrals.

Finally, keep in mind that your brand is distinct, and your video should reflect that. So, concentrate on selecting a production business that can create a one-of-a-kind work that is as unique as your company.

Explain Your Vision To The Video Explainer Company

Any output of this nature is the outcome of a two-way discussion in which one party fosters the other. Because no one understands your brand better than you, you’ll need to convey your project’s vision and expectations, as well as all the facts the agency will need to completely comprehend your company’s essential values and identity.

The video production crew will provide their creative and professional vision based on what you tell them – that is, how they will turn all of that into a fascinating, engaging, and unified work.

It’s critical to emphasize that at this time, the project requires your candid counsel and transparency to ensure that it’s on track.

Have A Firm Grasp On Your Budget

When going on a animated video production endeavor, one of the first things you should ask yourself is what your budget is. It is critical information that you and your video production partner require in order to appropriately assess what can be done. The scope (the quality and complexity of your project), time (how urgently you need it), and cost are the three primary factors to consider (how much money you can spend on it). Any change to one of those variables will have an influence on the initial pricing as well as the other two.

Remain Flexible

Be open to new ideas, even if the explainer video company isn’t what you had in mind. Playing it safe or repeating the same old patterns is the most boring and monotonous thing you can do. As a result, we strongly advise you to take full use of the prospects that a partnership provides. Use it to rethink your approach, spice things up a little, or perhaps learn a thing or two from the professionals.

Communicate With The Explainer Video Company

Any seasoned video production studio will solicit your input at every stage of the process, including pre-production, production, and post-production. We encourage you to respond quickly.

Consider that you, as a client, are required to offer evaluations, comments, and approval – or disapproval – of everything the video agency delivers you at each level. As a result, a lack of reaction might disrupt the production timetable and cause your video to be delayed.


The next section will look at a few instances of explainer video firms that are currently in existence, as well as how to evaluate their skills and what you can anticipate from working with them. In this section, we highlight some of the top animated explainer video production companies for the year.

top 10 explainer video companies

Our Criteria For Choosing The Best Animated Explainer Video Company

In order to choose the best animated explainer video company, we need to go over our criteria first and let you know what we looked at when we compiled this list.

      1. Quality of their portfolio – The quality of the movies in the portfolio should be the first criterion you consider. You don’t have to be a skilled designer to assess the quality of work, but the most important element is whether you like it or not.
      2. Customization and design of the videos – Will your video be made from the ground up? Or will you be receiving repurposed artwork and stock photos? Template productions are inexpensive, but they all look the same, with no true personalization or connection to your company’s tone and style. This is frequently linked to the next point.
      3. Price – When it comes to explainer video price, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. In every sector, and at all times. You must consider your financial situation. Most suppliers will offer a number of different bundles. Cheaper may not usually imply lesser quality, but it does always imply less design intricacy. For example, 3D animation will be more expensive than 2D animation (visuals must be designed, rendering takes longer, and so on), and the more art that must be made, the more expensive it will be.
      4. Communication – If the seller does not listen to your wants and goals, none of your options will matter. Beginning with a thorough discovery process in which the company learns all they can about your company and product, and listening to the client at every stage is paramount for success. This enables us to make the best judgments the first time, ultimately saving everyone time and money.
      5. Reviews – Look for real client evaluations of the firm with whom you want to establish your business. The majority of them will gladly tell you about their prior experiences. Check out customer review websites like Trustpilot or Jabber for further information.
      6. Flexibility – Some video production firms just take your money and make all of your decisions. And, to be honest, some people are extremely excellent at it. Those are also the teams that will set you back $50,000 (or more) to work with. However, outside of the top firms who produce animations for multibillion-dollar corporations, you’re better off finding a vendor that understands what they’re doing and isn’t hesitant to make ideas while also listening to your comments. After all, it is, at the end of the day, your brand.


It’s now simpler to pick among the best animated video companies on the market if you keep the following requirements stated above in mind. This way you’ll ensure that you are on the right track to picking a video animation company that will do it’s best to deliver a piece that you are going to enjoy watching and sharing online.

Now we’ll show you our shortlist of the finest explainer video production firms.


The Explainer Video Company

The Explainer Video Company is a full-service animated video production company that develops one-of-a-kind bespoke explainer cartoons for businesses looking to reach out to their target market. Our full-service animation agency services work with studios, agencies, and clients directly to harness consumer attention. providing an end-to-end creative solution for both large and small explainer animation projects.


Demo Duck

Demo Duck is an explanation video creation business headquartered in the United States with some genuinely remarkable examples in their repertoire. They created videos for well-known companies and assisted them in increasing conversions and revenue by a factor of ten. What we like about Demo Duck’s animated films is that they always include amusing and eye-catching animation, and they convey even the most complex business concepts in a simple manner. It enables viewers to quickly grasp a concept and “hear” a brand.

Demo Duck’s staff thinks that video has the ability to humanize your business, educate people, market products, and much more. Their portfolio is self-evident. Check out their videos to see for yourself how knowledgeable and competent they are.



With videos, you tell the story or message you wish to say to your audience. One of the best-animated explainer video companies you must consider while deciding to make an explainer video is webdew.

Webdew’s explainer video types include 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, line art, motion graphics, and many more. With 1000+ ratings, webdew’s clients include Uber, Microsoft, Locality, DZ taxi, and more.

With webdew as one of the best video production companies, the company ensures that all videos are created from scratch, with the client at the forefront. Their video production team has Video Experts, Script Writers, Managers, Creators, Designers, Motion Artists & Leaders with extensive experience.

Webdew provides its services to customers all around the world, whether they are in Canada, the United States, or India. You can check out the testimonials, other details, and their previous works displayed on their website



Epipheo is a multi-award-winning video production company that works with businesses and organizations in a variety of sectors
. The studio was founded in 2009 in the United States, and since then it has produced animated video courses, brand videos, educational videos, educational video series, e-learning video courses, internal videos, live-action videos, animated explainer videos, social video ads, and trade show videos, among other types of videos.

We admire their work ethic. They constantly keep the client’s company characteristics in mind, investigate them, and showcase them in the films. Their animated videos are of exceptional quality and deserving of recognition. Ephipeo might be a wonderful partner for you if you’re seeking for a video production firm.


Switch Video

This corporate video production firm based in Canada creates 2D animated, whiteboard, and motion graphics movies for a wide range of clients worldwide. Their work is guided by three fundamental principles that they adhere to at all times: to set reasonable deadlines and adhere strictly by them; to keep clients informed throughout the entire explainer video production process; and to complete every aspect of the job without the need for the client to ask for anything more than once.



Ydraw is a unique whiteboard video animation firm. You’ve probably seen a lot of whiteboard videos, but none quite like theirs. That’s because they use very skilled cartoonists to produce intricate, creative, next-level whiteboard drawings that are as entertaining as they are educational.



We can come up with a selection of some of the major themes that Explainify thinks are represented by so that you can get a sense of their explainer video creation services in general. In their own words: low-quality films aren’t worth the money, narrative has the power to change the world, life is too short for long stories, and one-size-fits-all corporate video productions harm companies. They also believe in simplifying the complicated. All explainer video companies should live by these words!



Wyzowl is a video production business based in the United Kingdom. The studio achieved outstanding achievements in a UK competition in 2020, winning several accolades. The quantity of videos they promise to generate has truly astonished us.

We admire the videos’ quality as well as the inventiveness of their themes and animations. Since 2009, the business has created great animated commercials and explainer movies for startups, SMEs, and global companies such as TNT, Kodak, Deloitte, LG, Crucial, Seagate, Standard Chartered, and others. They’ve worked with clients from 40 different nations, with the bulk being from the east and west coasts of the United States. This group has a wealth of knowledge and can assist you with your next video production job.


Grumo Media

This corporate video production business particularly enjoys working with start-up organizations. In their own words, “we have a particular interest in early-stage companies.” It doesn’t matter that they’ve worked with global corporations in the past.

Their animation technique is intentionally primitive, but their writing is funny, succinct, and entertaining, making them one of the top explainer video firms in the business today.


Common Craft

Since 2007, Common Craft, a tiny business based in Seattle, Washington, has pioneered the genre of explainer videos. They now provide a collection of templates and downloadable graphics that you can use to create animated explainer videos for your projects. The firm also provides pre-made films to assist you in introducing the required subject in less than three minutes.

Students and instructors will benefit from their films and templates, which explain difficult subjects and ideas in a simple hand-drawn approach. Some of the films also include a lesson outline, making it easier for instructors to use in the classroom. For schools and colleges, Common Craft is a fantastic resource.



A strong relationship exists between the brand and the production business behind every excellent video. One that is built on the foundations of trust, commitment, and communication.

Each component of our partnership contributes something vital to the table. Brand knowledge, goals, standards, and comments will be provided by your firm. The video production company will add expertise, professionalism, and fresh perspectives to your unique concept.


Furthermore as you can see, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an explainer video business, and our list just scratches the surface.

A wide range of styles, specialities, approaches, and tactics are available. That’s not even taking into account the other essentials, such as working with people you enjoy talking to and who can effectively connect with you to design, implement, generate, and communicate your brand message.

We’re sure you have more questions, and we’d be glad to answer them. Even if you just want to discuss your animated video possibilities, we’d be happy to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, and best of luck on your search for the best animated explainer video company for your business.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production


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