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Animated Explainer Videos for Education How Effective Are They ?


The goal of animated explainer videos is to tell a story or explain a topic, product, or service in the shortest amount of time possible.

However, this type of video is not only used for business purposes. In fact, explainer videos are exceptionally popular in the education industry for the obvious reason – they serve to explain complex topics and make dull lessons easier to follow.

Nowadays, everyone prefers video over text. It is easy to understand why animated explainer videos for education leave such a positive impact in an academic setting. Whether they’re used in traditional schooling environments, digital courses, or educational events, explainer clips can enhance the learning experience and help teachers cover complex lessons in an easier and more entertaining manner.

However, there are more ways to use animated explainer videos for education than just in the classroom. Academic based businesses in this sector can use explainer video clips to present their unique products and services aimed at improving educational experiences. With that said, here are ten examples of great explainer videos used in the education industry.


#1 Speexx

We’ll start off with a cool explainer video made to present the Speexx language education platform. created by the Explainer Video Company Speexx has more than 8 Million Users and is the world´s leading platform for brands and 1,500 organizations worldwide. Speexx is used to learn languages smarter and deliver results on time. Speexx is one of the most widely used corporate online language learning and testing solutions for Business English, Spanish, German, Italian and French with ongoing support in 13 languages. Speexx was founded in 2011. With 1700 staff and coaches located in Munich, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Sao Paulo, New York and Shanghai.



#2 Google for Education

Next up is Google, the world’s largest and most popular company that has products specifically tailored for the education industry. Namely, their Google for Education system is built to support both teachers and students, as well as any organization that can make use of Google’s collaborative tools. The G Suite for Education is a simple online platform that allows students to collaborate in creative ways and enhance their teamwork and critical thinking skills. With Google being such an important leader in today’s digital world, we’re not surprised by the way they dominate the industry. Their explainer video shows great detail with simple line art and pleasing background sounds. The animations showcase the user interface of the platform and help the audience understand what can be achieved with animated explainer videos for education.



#3 Wand Education

Next up is Wand Education, a teaching platform designed to save time and help educators prepare materials for class in a more efficient manner. The platform allows teachers to deliver ready-made lessons at any time. As such, it is one of the best tools educators can use nowadays, especially during the remote class periods. The team behind Wand Education put together a great explainer video to showcase what their platform can do. The video features entertaining 2D animations that focus on the perks of the platform. This is a classic explainer video that starts with questions that draw attention to an issue. Then, it proceeds to present the solution for that issue, that is, the Wand Education teaching platform.




#4 Codio

Codio is an evidence-based platform designed to provide high quality computing education. In other words, this is the only platform for teaching computer programming in the education sector. This includes schools, universities, and third-party educational organizations. Besides providing quality education, Codio also offers services for grading and auto-grading, as well as a simple and easy to understand learning management system. All of this is simplified in the platform’s explainer video with 2D animated graphics. This engaging clip does not only hold the viewer’s attention but it also engages the audience and showcases how educational units can save time and money by using this platform.


#5 TedEd

To switch things up a bit, we included an example of an explainer video from a YouTube channel called TedEd. You’ve probably heard of TedEd as one of the largest educational organizations. Well, they have an entire channel dedicated to explaining science and bringing educational content closer to students and anyone who might be interested in it. What’s great about TedEd is that all their videos are made using animations that keep the audience engaged and interested in various lessons. This goes to show how explainer videos can be used across a wide variety of categories in education, from law and history to biology and science.


#6 Active Ed

Active Ed is one of the most significant platforms in the education industry nowadays. It was created by three different education organizations who came together to bring this project to life. Those organizations include The Broad Center, Education Pioneers, and the Strategic Data Project. As a result of this partnership, the Active Ed platform was created to transform the education system. The platform supplies top leaders and managers in the education industry and provides tools, training, and support all in one place. The Active Ed video swiftly covers the benefits and features of the platform while emphasizing the pain points it can relieve in the education system.


#7 Ellevation

Next up is Ellevation, a web-based software platform designed for English language teachers and students. With English being one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, teaching kids and young adults to speak English even though it’s not their native language can open doors to numerous opportunities. The Ellevation, LLC platform makes English teaching easier by allowing students to set customized goals for each student and track their progress in a neat and organized manner. The Ellevation explainer video shows how this platform can solve issues related to the difficulty of staying organized when teaching dozens of students at the same time. On top of that, the animations perfectly portray the sets of tools learners can use to learn how to speak and write English fluently.


#8. The Ministry of Education – Spot

To switch things up again, we included an explainer video that’s not in English language. Why? To show you that animated videos can make sense even if you don’t understand the language the narrator is speaking. What you can see in this video is what goes on in the mind of a young student. This artistic clip shows how educators and students can use animations to illustrate their imagination and present their ideas in a vivid and entertaining manner. The Ministry of Education made the perfect example of how 2D animations can be used in the education sector.


#9 Brain Mapping Academy

Next up is an animated explainer video by Brain Mapping Academy, which showcases how animations can be used in child education. This 2D style video is simple and easy to follow, showing you how Brain Mapping Academy tackles the challenging tasks in child education. Besides presenting their offer and telling the viewers why they are relevant and trustworthy, the Brain Mapping Academy also used the animated video to set itself apart from the competition. This promotional video looks similar to an infographic – it contains plenty of value and information created in an engaging way through graphic animations.


#10 Oxbridge

Last but not least, the final explainer video example for the educational industry is a clip by Oxbridge – an online platform designed to support students who are learning from home.

This platform offers long-distance learning courses about numerous topics. With competitive pricing and a user-oriented interface, Oxbridge aims to provide educational opportunities you can access from the comfort of your home.

Their 2D animated video is detailed and structured in a way to encourage individuals to enroll in the platform’s courses. The video mainly supports the idea that Oxbridge is trying to promote – that everyone should be learning at their own pace. Hence, they allow users to complete courses at their own time at home.

As a classic explainer video example, this clip starts out by addressing an issue by introducing a fictional character. By the end of the video, they show how the platform in question can solve that issue or at least relieve the pain points.


Final Words

Now that you’ve seen ten excellent explainer video examples, it should be clear that video animations perform more than well in the educational sector. What makes the use of animated clips so beneficial is their multi-purposeness.

For instance, animated videos can be used to enhance the learning experience and help teachers make their classes more interesting for the students. However, these clips can also be used to promote platforms and services in the educational sector.


Hence, you can never really go wrong if you opt for this type of video, whether it is for marketing or educational purposes. If you don’t know how to create an explainer video or you don’t have the time to invest in this type of content, you can always have a professional animated video service do the job for you while you enjoy the benefits of incorporating video into your marketing strategy or lesson planning.

Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production


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