How To Promote Your Explainer Videos on YouTube

 Promote Your Video - Get Your Video Ad on YouTube

Promote Your Videos – Get Your Explainer Videos on YouTube


Online video commercials play a vital role in your business. Without any doubts, it will help you to achieve the business success that you’d been dreaming of.

Promoting your business through a YouTube channel is the talk of the town because it is cost effective and you can reach millions by just uploading few videos on your YouTube channel.

Well, if you have a YouTube channel or you’re planning one, these tips will help you to be in a position to rank your channel better and get a massive number of viewers in just a shorter period of time.


Set your goals

First of all, you need to set your goals. For instance what is the type of your business? What type of videos would be suitable for your channel? Who is your audience? Are your customers’ newbie or experienced?

Do you want to develop a loyalty with your new or existing customers? You must consider all these aspects before creating videos for your YouTube channel. Your videos must be unique so that your viewers could get attracted to them. Heres a good example explainer video from Quick Sprout:


Quality, not Quantity

There are millions of videos on the YouTube, so you have to make sure that your YouTube channel stands above the rest. To achieve this, you should make really good videos and not just flood your channel with short clips that don’t mean anything.

The videos must be interesting and should completely deliver your message. You can upload one to two videos per day and believe me, it is sufficient.



Video Quality

You must create watchable videos with good sound quality. To promote your product or service, a video of two to three minutes is enough. To meet the higher standards, you must spend some time and money on your videos. Higher quality video means improved sharpness and visual clarity. Check out our article on Animated Marketing Videos That Engage Customers



Design attractive and compelling thumbnails

The thumbnail of your video helps you to get started. YouTube uses the description and tags to rank your videos but you must also try to catch the attention of viewers by creating compelling and unique thumbnails.

Give your videos killer titles

Like the thumbnails, titles of videos play a vital role. In this respect, you must not forget that the first impression is the last impression.

However, creating engaging titles is not as simple as it seems to be. You have to create something descriptive enough to urge the viewer to watch it, but not too long that it is cut off when displayed. In fact, it must be interesting but not so over-the-top that it looks spam.


Ask for subscriptions

At the end of each video, don’t forget to ask the people to subscribe to your channel. Now a day, channels are also using this technique at the start of each video, but in my opinion, it looks a bit awkward.

Besides, you can also invite people to subscribe your YouTube channel.



Conclusion – Promote Your Explainer Videos on Youtube

Hopefully, these 6 tips will help you grow your channel as fast as possible and look forward to seeing your comments/suggestions below !


Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Article Writer | The Explainer Video Company – Animated Video Production For Business


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