5 Secrets To Writing A Successful Explainer Video Script

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The success of your explainer video lies on how the script is cautiously and flawlessly planned. The script should be straight to the point, entertaining, and direct.

To make your video amazing, you need to start with a suitable arrangement, understanding your audience and getting the right message. Beyond that, there are still secrets that can help you write a fantastic script:


Create A Solid Plan

To get an amazing explainer video you have to plan first. Plan on what the script should include, at most four key points should be focused on. Altering any part of the video which is already produced is pretty more expensive than changing a script.

It should be noted that your video is meant to persuade and convince your targeted audience to find out more about your business or brand. Therefore, make your work simple and concise. Your storyline should be based on the problems, solutions, and benefits of your products or services.

Think About Tone

After planning, the next tip to consider is the tone of the video. Also, how the explainer video would be presented should be considered. It is essential for printed materials used in marketing to agree with the brand voice.

In respect to this, if your brand uses a corporate tone, then your video should follow suit or vice-versa. It should be noted that it doesn’t necessarily mean that your video should be so severe because the brand communicates with a formal tone.

A bit of entertainment should be used to spice up the interest of viewers to watch the video explainer to the end.

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Carefully Consider The Length

The length of your script should be carefully considered as this has an overall effect on the length of the video. The necessary time for an explainer video is approx 60 seconds, but there are exceptions. For example, using an explainer video during a conference.

Of course, the video has to be a bit longer to enable you to explain all the listeners needs to know about your products and services.

In most cases, explainer videos and animated commercials etc are used to tell new customers about your brand. In this case, it will also be pretty difficult to curtail all you have to say in one minute. This is the primary reason why planning is important as it will help you know what to put in the video.


Tell A Story

Humans quickly fall for stories (in other words, it easily draws the attention of people). Therefore, make sure your explainer video conveys a story. The story should have a positive effect on viewers reaction. It shouldn’t be entertainment all the way. The story should be able to persuade them into getting your products and sharing your video.

Always Use a Call To Action

This is the most important part of the success of your explainer video. It is meant to guide viewers on what the next step to take is. It comes into view at the end of the video.


Conclusion:  5 Secrets To Writing A Successful Explainer Video Script


If you want to create an explainer video that is both successful and informative, make sure to keep the following tips in mind. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your explainer video will be able to successfully communicate your message to your audience. Have you tried any of these techniques when creating your own explainer videos?

We hope this info has been of some use to you and wish you good luck with your next animated video production!


Article by Nicole Delgado 2022 | CMO | Explainer Video Company | Explainer Videos For Business


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