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With the magic of animated explainer videos, it has never been easier for a company to reach and engage with their intended consumer. But the true challenge comes into play when a business attempts to translate a consumer’s interest into repeat business. As fast as an online video can grab the consumer’s attention, be forewarned that a boring video animation can lose them just as quickly.


Storytelling is deceptively simple. While anyone can tell a story, only the truly gifted can do without losing their audience. Knowing what your relationship is with your potential consumer base and tailoring your story to their needs is crucial and important with your animated videos. Engaging an audience is a three step process, so let’s take a closer look.


  1. Knowing Yourself


Knowing who you are and what you intend to accomplish is the first step taken towards creating a video animation that engenders consumer loyalty. It takes more than a person’s job title to define them, so tread carefully. Having a firm grasp of your personal mission and goals you’d like to achieve is a major part of knowing oneself.


This part of process requires a long period of intensive thought. Unless you know exactly who you are, you will not be able to communicate with your audience in the manner intended. Once you’ve defined yourself, it becomes much easier to define the audience you are trying to speak to and for your animated explaner videos to have the greatest impact.


  1. Knowing Your Audience


Once you’ve realized who you are, it’s time to learn your audience. Allowing yourself to get hung up on what your ideal audience may look like is foolhardy and keeps you from locating the audience that you should be tailoring your overall message towards. What do you do when your ideal and actual audiences are not overlapping?


Instead of wasting time fighting your current station in life, this is the time when you should be looking more closely at the audience you do have and trying to speak to them more directly. Telling a story that matters to the audience you have is crucial.

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  1. Proper Storytelling


As soon as you’ve pinpointed your audience and thoroughly investigated your own identity, the time has come to share your story with the masses. Creating a compelling story means developing an animated explainer video that speaks to the experience that your audience would most like to have when using your product.


In order to accomplish this task, you must give serious thought to what part of the story matters most to the audience you’re conversing with. When you cannot make your story matter to the audience on a personal level, you will lose them quickly. Getting the script 100 percent correct should take precedence over beginning work on any sort of storyboard. Unless people are personally invested in your story, nothing else matters.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Article Writer | The Explainer Video Company — Animated Video Production For Business


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