Create Stunning Animated Videos To Promote Your Business5 Steps To Create Stunning Animated Video Productions To Promote Your Business


How many times have you seen a great explainer video production and wanted to be able to do the same thing? Today animated videos are the cornerstone of on-line advertising and marketing for companies large and small. The best way to get seen is to have videos that accurately describe you products or services.


So,who needs explainer video services ? businesses that sell products or services of course !


Ever thought to market your business by producing animated videos ? If yes, tell me, how many times have you tried it ? When we asked this question to a selection of business owners, they replied:

a)    Only thought about it and never did anything practical.

b)    Created one animated video, and become so discouraged that they never did that for a second time !!


And here’s why.

The technical part of creating, filming and posting a video explainer can be messy, frustrating, boring and overwhelming. Besides, you want videos that generate and hold the viewer’s attraction and interest, sell your services and products as well as encourage your prospect to take action. After reading this article, you’ll have enough info to create a stunning explainer video production of your own or at least know how its done ! lets get started ..

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Sometimes, you’re pretty sure about what video would suit your business. But many times, it becomes quite tricky to turn your idea for an explainer video or product tutorial into a fully realized concept. In this respect, you must start with the brainstorming. Prepare short notes and try to implement them.


Think about the benefits of your consumers

The trick to creating an attractive marketing/sales video is to understand and learn about the benefits that consumers can expect from your product or service. Try to focus on the benefits and highlight them. Illustrating the benefits of the product or service is the most effective approach. In other words, show, don’t tell.


Script and storyboard of the Animated Videos

First of all, create a storyboard. For this purpose, get a pack of note cards (3×5, paper note cards). After that, you can draw or write the scenes in your video. With the help of paper cards, you can easily and conveniently visualize and organize the scenes of the videos. You can also discard the cards you don’t like and replace them with new ones.


Pairing the ideas with impressive visuals

The design of the video must reflect your brand. It can be an animated cartoon, fun, professional or minimal. Whatever style you choose, you must make sure it’s consistent throughout the visual communication. When you select the visuals, think of colors and imagery that bring your ideas to life. The first scene of the video is really important so you must make it attractive and interesting to catch the attention of the audience.


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Sharing your animated videos through different channels

Business owners and non profit organizations typically publish videos on only a few platforms and expect a good result. Remember, it is a serious business. You must publish your video on all the available video platforms such as Wistia get the maximum exposure.


Final thought

Creating animated marketing videos plays a vital role not only in advertising your business but also interacting with the existing and potential customers. You can build a solid brand image through video marketing. We hope these basic tips will help you create a great work of art !. Best of luck with your new explainer video production !


Article by Nicole Delgado | Article Writer | The Explainer Video Company | Explainer Video Production For Business



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