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Top 10 Best Interactive Video Platforms


Lets take a look at the Top 10 Best Interactive Video Platforms with many businesses are looking at how to leverage interactive video into their marketing mix as the popularity of interactive video production grows among both brands and consumers worldwide.

It makes sense: interactive video advertisements are watched 47 percent longer than linear video commercials, giving you a lot more bang for your buck than the standard video production model.

The best aspect is that you probably don’t need to be an expert in video production to generate interactive video. You may utilize a variety of internet tools to incorporate interactive elements into your videos.



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Why Use An Interactive Video Platform ?


Let’s start with a basic definition of interactive video and how to use it. Simply said, it’s a more engaging sort of video media in which viewers may interact with content right within the film itself by clicking on it. Hotspots, cards, multi-screen watching, 360-degree viewing, and branching are among the most popular interactive elements.


Because of its versatility in terms of content and applications, video has always been a tremendous and ever-growing business, especially now that the online era has demonstrated that it is here to stay. Today, the use of interactive animated video is the next step.


However, no matter how eager you are to join the interactive video bandwagon, it might be difficult to figure out which interactive video platforms, tools, and interaction software are available and which ones are best for you. There are a plethora of interactive video players available on the market.


Here are the 10 best interactive video platforms we have chosen you can use to make an awesome interactive video production.


List Of Top 10 Best Interactive Video Platforms


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HapYak Animated Explainer Video Maker Software

It is possible to add interactivity to your movie using the HapYak SaaS technology, which is available as a SaaS. You may use HapYak to enhance your movies by including links, e-commerce capabilities, quizzes, slide show presentations, and other features. The built-in analytics tool is the most significant point of differentiation for HapYak, according to the company. In order to track your video metrics from a bird’s eye viewpoint, the platform makes use of an API to integrate viewer clicks and behaviors with popular marketing and CRM solutions, allowing you to track your video metrics more effectively.


Spott Explainer Video Service Software

One of the most appealing aspects of Spott is its simple and clear user interface, which makes it a great choice for adding interactive features to films of any length. Spott can not only make movies interactive, but it can also convert photos and product catalogs, making it an excellent choice for marketers seeking a comprehensive solution.


Adventr Animated Marketing Video Production Software

Adventr is a simple-to-use program that lets you create branching effects by just dragging and dropping video clips. Due to the fact that it is an open platform, you may quickly share your movies on social networking platforms as well as websites and advertising networks, among other places. The software also has an integrated analytics tool that records your video viewing statistics across all of the websites where your video is displayed.


Beginning with a very restricted free edition and progressing all the way up to an enterprise package for businesses in need of a more sophisticated solution, Adventr offers four different pricing options.


Camtasia Explainer Video Production Software

Camtasia is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools available for video creation and editing. After you have finished creating your films, you may post them directly to YouTube using the platform. The tool has now begun to integrate an interaction component into its platform, allowing users to place hotspots on the visual items in the film and interact with them. Despite the fact that the interactive elements are not as versatile as they might be, it may serve as an excellent starting point for your interactive video marketing approach.


Storygami Explainer Video Production Service Software

Storygami is a quick and extremely easy application that allows you to drag and drop interactive overlays such as articles, polls, and a plethora of other elements onto your stories. If you want to include purchase buttons in your graphic elements, this method is the most effective. The most appealing feature of storygami is that it can be used to create overlays for movies from any platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube, Vimeo, or Brightcove.


The product is unquestionably a must-have in your video marketing tools since it allows you to make your films more interactive and entertaining. The performance of your videos may be tracked using the dashboards that have been created specifically for this purpose.


Rapt Business Explainer Video Software

Rapt is a cloud-based video production tool that offers a number of unique features that allow you to include interaction in your video creations. One of the most significant advantages of the application is that it allows you to integrate your films onto virtually any site nearly immediately. You will be able to add clickable components and branches to your movies and then distribute them across a variety of platforms by utilizing the software.

The dashboard, like the rest of the program, is fairly detailed, and you can keep track of all of the analytics and data inside the application itself. The platform collaborates with a number of other businesses as well, and it would be a valuable asset to your video marketing plan.


Wirewax Video Explainer Software

Wirewax is a durable tool that allows you to apply hotspots to components and individuals in a film by tracing around them. Due to the fact that it allows the viewer to instantly click on a piece that he intends to purchase and add it to his shopping cart, the tool is an excellent marketing tool for eCommerce. It also provides a number of useful features such as branching, camera switching, 360-degree experiences, slider views, and so on, among others. In addition, the program guarantees a 9x conversion rate.


Wirewax provides services to organizations of various kinds, including small, medium, and large enterprises. The software, on the other hand, is quite costly. Despite the fact that they provide customized packages, the base pricing is still quite costly. Animated Explainer Video Maker Software

As a firm that does “Much more than Interactive Videos,” promotes itself as a “all-in-one interactive multimedia platform.” Similarly to other interactive video platforms, enables you to drag & drop interactive features into any video without the need for coding knowledge or experience. They are on the more expensive side, and they only offer yearly plans— Agency service is also available if you don’t have the time to design your own project from scratch.

You may choose from a variety of features such as branching, video production that is gamified and shoppable, and interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, forms, and many more. Besides that, they may integrate analytics, marketing, and social media, as well as provide an analytics dashboard and reporting.


Vidzor Animated Marketing Video Software

Vidzor is a visually appealing interactive video making tool that is completely free and open source. A video may be created, shared, and hosted all from the same interface. This is a significant advantage for firms since it reduces the amount of administrative work required. Your films, on the other hand, would be heavily branded with the company’s logo. To create video logos for free, one must subscribe to the service.

Those who wish to create rapid interactive videos with hotspots, branching, and other intriguing components will find it most ideal for their needs.


Smartzer Animated Video Production Software

Smartzer is an e-commerce-focused platform that enables businesses to make interactive shoppable films that can be purchased online. To get started, just upload your movie, add clickable hotspots, and customize the video player to reflect your company’s brand guidelines. The performance of the system may then be monitored using the analytics dashboard that comes with it. It’s also worth noting that the Smartzer platform allows you to modify your livestreams, which is a feature that few (if any) of its competitors can claim.


Smartzer’s pricing is based on a subscription model, however the amount you pay may vary depending on the services you desire and your consumption levels, so you’ll need to get in touch with the company for an exact number.



How To Start Using Interactive Video For Your Business

How To Start Using Interactive Video For Your Business


You’re not alone if you want to try your hand at interactive video marketing. This year, 17% of marketers want to give it a shot. Consider your two alternatives when deciding how to best include interactive video into your marketing strategy:


      • Use specialized software: You may try interactive video on your own by learning to use current tools such as the ones mentioned above. While some businesses choose this route, you should expect to devote a significant amount of effort to learning how to utilize the platform you select.


      • Hire an interactive video agency: If you’re short on time or have too many hats to wear, you should hire an expert firm to create your films. You may avoid the stress of learning difficult software yourself and have peace of mind knowing that your project is in the hands of seasoned specialists when you choose this option.




The bottom line is that an interactive video is extremely valuable for your business regardless of the niche you are in. It’s an innovative technology and a great way to present your product or service to your potential customers. It is definitely one of the things that should be in your marketing strategy for this year. If you’re not convinced yet of the advantages of this type of advertising, make sure you give us a call or an email to get a quote and learn how we can help you create the best interactive animated video for you.


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