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Interactive Video Production for Business and Education


Interactive video production is a new technique to increase sales, educate consumers, and engage viewers with branded entertainment that is distinctive and entertaining. These input-driven movies allow viewers to click, purchase, and explore material immediately within the video, extending video marketing‘s possibilities to new heights.


You’re not alone if you’re considering incorporating interactive video production into your marketing efforts this year.


Many businesses are utilizing or plan to employ interactive videos in their marketing efforts in 2023, and for good reason, according to research interactive video generate 66% greater engagement, 44% more viewing time, and are 39% more remembered than non-interactive commercials :

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Source : Brightcove*


Finding the correct agency partner is an important first step in developing your first interactive video production. You should choose a partner whose expertise, talents, and capacities match your requirements.


As a result, we decided to produce the simple step by step advice below to help you choose the perfect agency for your next interactive video production.


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What Is An Interactive Video?


Who doesn’t want to be in charge of their own destiny? Communication-related vehicles have long attempted to increase public contact — and interactive video has arrived to contribute to that tale.

But, what exactly are interactive videos?

In a nutshell, we may characterize them as digital videos that allow for user involvement. It may appear to be a rather obvious definition but it’s exactly what they are.

We may understand this progression more clearly if we compare it to its predecessor, linear video.

Consider the changes between linear and non-linear films in this way: previously, the viewer could pause, play, speed up, and jump to another point in the video.

That was all you could do to impact the video. However, if it is interactive, this jump is enormous, and the user — who was before simply a spectator — may dictate the direction, the following scenes, the continuity, and the result of the material.

That is, they transition from being a mere consumer to becoming, in a sense, a co-producer of the content with which they engage.



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Style Of Interactive Animated Explainer Videos


Educational Interactive Marketing Video

Because interactive video is clickable, it is an excellent medium for quizzes. Videos might invite viewers to respond to questions, and then follow up with information that explains the response in further depth.


Educational interactive videos may have a wide range of applications, but one trend we’re seeing is that businesses are adopting interactive videos for both consumer education and employee training.


In a choose-your-own-adventure style learning experience, an interactive video allows users to explore the many forms of content placement they provide.


A video substitutes what may have been verbose online content, a customer service contact, or a lengthy webinar with an interactive experience that puts consumers in charge and allows them to learn just what they want and need to know.


Example : ncase/neurons/interactive

interactive video example


Entertainment Interactive Animated Explanation Videos

Interactive videos provide a new level of entertainment to an already delightful medium. Marketers are using this new chance to communicate with customers by creating interesting content that raises brand recognition and gets people talking:


Ecommerce Interactive Videos

Interactive videos may significantly boost your e-commerce efforts. According to research, interactive films improve a consumer’s purchase likelihood 9x more than regular video commercials. Because of this astronomical figure, interactive video is an excellent technique for increasing sales and making online buying more enjoyable for consumers check out this interactive video by Honda “the coolest car ad of the year” which took home several interactive video ad awards not too long ago:

Lead Generation And Sales Enhancement Interactive Videos

Sales agents may spice up the sales process by using interactive video to create leads and have a two-way dialogue with prospects. Nike sportsware is a good example of this; the brand promotes its deliver a hyper-relevant experience of their trainer products with a simple yet powerful interactive video. In a frictionless process viewers are asked to choose which product they prefer. not only is NIKE gathering vital lead data, but the video also produces a personalized experience depending on the viewer’s responses, demonstrating the ability of interactive video to enhance the sales process and collect sales data.

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Benefits Of Using Interactive Explainer Videos For Business And Education

Everyone is observing that interactive videos are becoming more popular. There is also agreement that these are essential components of any innovative marketing plan.

The actual benefits that this sort of information may bring about are something that not everyone fully comprehends.

Check out this article on the future of interactive video for further reading.


Interactive Explainer Videos For Business And Education

When it comes to gaining attention, the Digital Video and The Connected Consumer survey found that 87% of customers use more than one electronic device at the same time, making the competition for attention even more severe.

When it comes to engagement, the competition is even fiercer.

The word interaction already encapsulates the difference that interactive video may make in terms of public involvement.


Simpler Message

Is it crucial to you to communicate your message to your audience in a more clear manner?

For some time, the audiovisual world has stood out as the most comprehensive manner of expressing concepts, allowing the interlocutor to employ the most diversified sound and picture resources to aid the receiver’s understanding. Interacting with the material is a great tool that interactive video brings to all of this.


Optimized Experience

Every day, more and more individuals recognize the need of providing a really delightful experience to their target audience from beginning to end. In this regard, polls aimed at better understanding the people and their demands are becoming more common.

Interactive videos also help with this objective since they allow customers to “personalize” material based on their choices in a more natural and direct way.

The outcomes of this engagement may also aid in the development of new ideas for improving the overall experience, which takes us to the following topic.


Better Data and Metrics

Because customer involvement is a reflection of their preferences, compiling this data may be a useful tool for better understanding your audience and delivering information that is more aligned with their wants and wishes.

This type of information is applicable not only to the creation of new interactive video productions, but also to the overall development of content.


Increase Your Brand Popularity

It’s not enough to be on the lookout for new ideas; you also have to engage in them. When a corporation engages in current activities, the public perceives value. People are more likely to pay attention to it after that, even “viewing it in a new light” in certain situations.

They begin to anticipate something fresh from that company, causing customers to pay close attention to the publications and announcements.



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How To Select The Right Interactive Video Production Company

interactive video production


Now that you’ve seen how interactive video might be used, you should think about who you’ll work with to create your own. As you sift among possible agency partners, here is a list of questions you should ask.


Check Out Their Portfolio

You should study each agency’s interactive video portfolio as part of your screening process. In a perfect world, they’d have a video for a business similar to yours, but don’t hold your breath. Instead, request that they show you a video that demonstrates how to tackle a situation comparable to yours.


Is Their Speciality Live or Animated Interactive Marketing Videos


Interactive videos are usually divided into two categories: animated and live action. Within a marketing strategy, each style has its own set of perks and goals. An animated video is a wonderful way to communicate complicated topics that are difficult to express using live footage.


They may also be hyper-customized with custom colors and artwork styling to complement an existing company identity. A live action video, on the other hand, is ideal for displaying images of a product, location, or person who is significant to a brand’s story.



Interactivity Of Their Platform

Currently companies can offer 5 different options and create an interactive video:

  • Hotspots: you may click links, add items to your shopping, and even make a purchase using hotspots inside a movie.
  • Branching: Viewers can choose their own path thanks to branching. They can jump to a different part of the video by clicking on a hotspot when asked.
  • Data inputs: Within a video, buttons and form fields allow marketers to capture user data and engage in a two-way discussion.
  • 360-degree view: Viewers may navigate left, right, up, and down in 360-degree video.
  • Multi-stream: Multi-stream video provides viewers two different perspectives on a video to exhibit contrast, and you may slide or move between them.


Does The Company You Like Fit Your Budget

Interactive videos are available at a variety of pricing ranges. Simple interactive movies may be made for as little as a few thousand dollars, while larger productions can cost upwards of $50,000.

You shouldn’t expect an agency to offer you a precise cost estimate for your movie straight away; there are a lot of unknown aspects that require lengthy discussions to uncover.

You can, however, get a rough estimate depending on your specific needs. It’s also a good idea to have a financial range in mind while having this chat. This will allow you to determine early on whether the agency’s pricing point and your budget are a good match.





Conclusion: Interactive Video Production for Business and Education


There’s no denying that interactive video is a compelling new marketing trend. Interactive video has been judged to be an effective technique by 78% of marketers who have used it, and usage is predicted to rise from 1 in 5 marketers now to almost 1 in 3 in the coming years.


The goal today is to figure out how interactive video production can fit into your marketing arsenal, with the first step being to locate an suitable agency partner that can help you get there.





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FAQ: Interactive Video Production for Business and Education


  1. What is interactive video production?

    • Answer: Interactive video production involves creating videos that allow viewer interaction, such as clicking, dragging, or making choices that affect the video’s path, providing a more engaging and personalized experience.
  2. How can interactive videos benefit businesses?

    • Answer: For businesses, interactive videos can boost engagement, increase customer understanding of products or services, and drive higher conversion rates by providing an immersive and interactive experience.
  3. What role do interactive videos play in education?

    • Answer: In education, interactive videos make learning more engaging and hands-on. They allow students to actively participate in their learning process, which can lead to better retention and understanding of the material.
  4. Can interactive videos be integrated into e-learning platforms?

    • Answer: Yes, interactive videos can be seamlessly integrated into various e-learning platforms, allowing for tracking of learner engagement and performance.
  5. What are some common features of interactive videos?

    • Answer: Common features include clickable hotspots, branching scenarios, quizzes, and drag-and-drop interactions, all designed to enhance user engagement and interactivity.
  6. Are interactive videos compatible with mobile devices?

    • Answer: Most interactive videos are designed to be responsive and compatible with a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets, ensuring accessibility for mobile users.
  7. How do interactive videos different from traditional videos?

    • Answer: Unlike traditional videos, interactive videos engage viewers by requiring active participation, making them more engaging and memorable compared to passive video experiences.
  8. Can interactive videos track viewer engagement and data?

    • Answer: Yes, interactive videos often have built-in analytics to track viewer engagement, choices, and performance, providing valuable data for businesses and educators.
  9. What is required to produce an interactive video?

    • Answer: Producing an interactive video typically requires a clear concept, scriptwriting, video production skills, and specialized software to add interactive elements.
  10. How cost-effective is interactive video production?

    • Answer: While interactive video production can be more costly than traditional video production due to its complexity, the increased engagement and effectiveness often justify the investment.



Article by Nicole Delgado 2023 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production



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