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best training video companies



Effective training and development are crucial for organizational success. Training videos have emerged as a vital tool for delivering educational content in an engaging, concise, and accessible manner. Recognizing this importance, we’ve curated a list of the Top 10 Best Training Video Production Companies in the United States for 2024.


These companies stand out for their exceptional ability to transform complex training material into compelling visual narratives. They specialize in creating instructional content that is not only informative but also engaging, ensuring that the key messages resonate with the audience.


From interactive modules and immersive simulations to straightforward how-to guides, these production houses are adept at catering to a diverse array of training needs across various industries.


Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees, upgrade the skills of your current workforce, or implement company-wide training initiatives, these top-tier video production companies offer customized solutions that align with your specific objectives.


Their expertise in scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, and post-production guarantees a high-quality end product that effectively communicates and educates.


In the following sections, we’ll introduce you to each of these top-rated companies, highlighting their unique strengths, services, and the distinctive approaches they bring to training video production. Get ready to explore the best in the business and find the perfect partner for your training video needs.




What Makes A Top Training Video Production Company?

What Makes A Top Training Video Production Company?


The key to finding a top training video production company is identifying the right team with experience in creating clear, concise videos that meet all of your company’s needs. A good video production company will have a portfolio of work and a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their goals.


They should offer competitive pricing, use the latest technology and equipment, be up-to-date on industry trends and standards, understand the target audience’s wants/needs, and provide excellent customer service throughout the entire process.


When researching potential companies, it is important to ask how they plan to make sure your message is understood by viewers. A good training video production company will take extra steps to help ensure that you deliver a powerful message including scripting, storyboarding, and working with subject matter experts. They should also be able to integrate interactivity into the video if necessary.


In addition, look for a top training video production company that has experienced professionals who specialize in delivering clear instructional videos—ones that convey your message quickly and effectively. This team should be knowledgeable about all aspects of creating videos, including scripting, lighting techniques, sound design, animation, branding/graphics, editing techniques, etc.


Finally, you want to make sure the company you choose is willing to review or re-edit the video as needed until it meets your standards. After all, a good training video production company should have its clients’ best interests in mind at all times. If the company you select can do all of this, then you will have a successful training video production project.




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Top 10 Best Training Video Production Companies

top 10 best video production companies

The Explainer Video Company

best explainer video company

The Explainer Video Company specializes in creating engaging explainer videos, ideal for simplifying complex concepts in corporate training and educational purposes. They are known for their ability to distill complicated information into easily digestible content, making them a preferred choice for businesses such as BP, Adidas, USPS etc looking to enhance understanding and engagement.

  • Average Pricing: $4-500+
  • Target Industries: Education, Technology, Saas, Healthcare.
  • Top Clients: Sony, Mercedes Benz, Stanford University, USPS




Mind Spring

training videos
Mind Spring is renowned for its interactive e-learning courses, virtual reality training, and augmented reality training solutions. They provide comprehensive business training solutions, merging innovative technology with educational methodologies to create impactful learning experiences.

  • Average Pricing: Information not publicly available.
  • Target Industries: Corporate Training, Technology, Education.
  • Top Clients: See website





video production companySynthesia leverages AI technology to create hyper-realistic training videos, offering a scalable and cost-effective solution. Their approach bypasses the need for actors, film equipment, and extensive production crews, making it a practical choice for startups and companies looking for rapid content creation.

  • Average Pricing: Starts at $29/month for their starter plan.
  • Target Industries: Startups, Technology, Corporate Training.
  • Top Clients: Not publicly listed.



Switch Video

explainer videos

Switch Video specializes in customizable animated videos and works collaboratively with clients throughout the production process. They are recognized for creating videos that align closely with client branding and messaging, making them a great partner for bespoke corporate training materials.

  • Average Pricing: Information not publicly available.
  • Target Industries: Corporate, Healthcare, Education.
  • Top Clients: Not publicly listed.



Skeleton Productions

video production agency

( Now VentureVideos ) Focusing on strategic thinking and creativity, Skeleton Productions offers services including animation, live-action video production, and virtual events. Their approach ensures that corporate training videos are not only informative but also engaging and visually appealing.

  • Average Pricing: POA
  • Target Industries: Technology, Retail, B2B.
  • Top Clients: Amazon, Box, Natwest


Blue House Productions

best video production companies

Blue House Productions creates a wide variety of training videos, including retail, sales, management, orientation, product training, and more. They have a diverse portfolio, demonstrating their ability to cater to different training needs across various sectors.

  • Average Pricing: Information not publicly available.
  • Target Industries: Retail, Corporate, Music.
  • Top Clients: Lena Seikaly, Mark Meadows, Tanya Anisimova.



Studio B Films Inc

best video production companies


Studio B Films Inc is a video production company known for producing corporate training videos. They have won awards for their work, indicating a high level of quality and creativity in their video production services.

  • Average Pricing: Information not publicly available.
  • Target Industries: Corporate, Education, Technology.
  • Top Clients: Adobe, Hubspot, Curata.



Next Thought Studio

top 10 video companies
A multi-service video production company, Next Thought Studios produces corporate training videos as well as 3D and VR videos. Their approach is marked by professionalism and an understanding of the latest trends in video production and technology.

  • Average Pricing: Information not publicly available.
  • Target Industries: Education, Corporate, Technology.
  • Top Clients: Samuel Chinchilla, Landon Sherwood, Eric Buerger.



Paar Media Group

media video companyPaar Media Group offers full-service video production, including corporate training videos, and extends its services to website building and marketing. Their expertise in branding allows them to create training videos that are not only educational but also aligned with the company’s brand identity.

  • Average Pricing: POA
  • Target Industries: Branding, Marketing, Web Development
  • Top Clients: Scott Naturals, Dyson, Larry Puckett Chevrolet



M & M Multimedia LLC

video production and media company
Located in Fort Myers, Florida, M & M Multimedia LLC provides a range of services including video production, web design & development, digital marketing, and mobile app development. Their comprehensive approach makes them a one-stop solution for businesses looking for diverse digital services.

  • Average Pricing: Information not publicly available.
  • Target Industries: Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile App Development.
  • Top Clients: The Guardian Law Firm App, Get OverSwipe, New Resident Club of Cape Coral.



Groove Jones

top 10 video production company


  • Who They Are: A creative technology company specializing in video production with expertise in 3D animation, animation production, and 2D animation. Known for their innovative technology solutions, they focus on advertising, entertainment, marketing, health, and training-related video production.
  • Average Pricing: POA
  • Target Industries: Advertising, Entertainment, Marketing, Health.
  • Top Clients: Toyota, Salesforce, Samsung




These are some of the top video production companies in the US that specialize in creating high-quality training videos. Each company offers unique services and approaches to creating successful instructional materials, so be sure to do your research before selecting one for your project! Good luck!



FAQ: Best Training Video Production Companies

Top 10 Best Training Video Production Companies: FAQs

  1. What makes these companies the best for training video production?

    • Answer: These companies are recognized for their expertise in creating effective training videos, utilizing innovative techniques, high-quality production values, and understanding of educational principles.


  1. Can these companies customize training videos for specific industries?

    • Answer: Yes, they specialize in customizing content to suit the unique needs and terminologies of various industries, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.


  1. What types of training videos do these companies produce?

    • Answer: They produce a wide range of training videos, including onboarding guides, software tutorials, safety protocols, leadership development, and skill enhancement sessions.


  1. Are the training videos produced by these companies interactive?

    • Answer: Many of these companies offer interactive video options, which include quizzes, clickable content, and scenario-based learning for enhanced engagement.


  1. Do these companies offer scriptwriting and storyboard services?

    • Answer: Yes, most offer comprehensive services including scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, editing, and post-production, ensuring a cohesive and well-planned training video.


  1. How do they ensure the training videos are engaging and effective?

    • Answer: These companies employ experienced instructional designers who ensure that videos are not only visually appealing but also pedagogically sound and engaging.


  1. Can these companies handle large-scale training video projects?

    • Answer: Yes, they are equipped to handle large-scale projects, offering consistent quality and style across a series of training videos.


  1. Do they provide translation or localization services for training videos?

    • Answer: Many of these companies offer translation and localization services, making training videos accessible to a diverse, global audience.


  1. What is the typical turnaround time for a training video project?

    • Answer: Turnaround times vary based on the project’s complexity, but these companies are known for their efficiency in meeting client deadlines.


  1. Are their training videos mobile and LMS (Learning Management System) friendly?

    • Answer: Yes, the videos are generally optimized for various platforms, including mobile devices and LMSs, ensuring easy integration and accessibility.




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Article by Nicole Delgado 2024 | CMO | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Videos For Business

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