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E-Commerce Explainer Videos – Top 10 Best Examples


In every sector, e-commerce marketing explainer videos are all about increasing consumer knowledge and comprehension of a product or service. Because buyers can’t directly engage with the item, creating awareness of a product’s entire worth can be extremely difficult for online companies. These ecommerce based companies must employ innovative marketing strategies and venues to persuade customers of the benefits of their products. In the world of ecommerce, video is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, 97 percent of ecommerce marketers claim that explainer videos have aided in customer comprehension of their product or service. Brands may, for example, illustrate the characteristics and worth of their goods in a short amount of time with an entertaining marketing explainer video animation.


Explainer videos are an excellent way to demonstrate a product’s key features. Explaining a product’s or service’s advantage to potential consumers is even more essential than demonstrating what it does. The key to a good video is to focus on the impact your ecommerce product can make in the life or business of your customers. We hope the following selection inspires you for your next animated video production ! Animated Ecommerce Explainer Video

The explainer marketing video animation is only one minute long, yet it covers the basics of a fairly complex and complicated digital service. Starting with an explanation of the problem – that existing advertisements divert users away from the sites they like – the service then goes on to describe how it offers a comprehensive purchasing experience within channels like social media.The narration is supported throughout the movie with animations that change from one picture to the next. It’s an excellent example of a well-designed animated explainer video for e-commerce.



FiftyThree’s Pencil Explainer Video Animation

The Pencil stylus video from FiftyThree takes a new approach to live action presentation. The camera follows the product rather than the consumer as it transitions from one shot to the next. The video follows the Pencil as it is put to various tasks, with the stylus always at the center. The spectator can envision how it might feel to use and create with the Pencil because of the fine-tuned focus on the stylus, which is coupled with a background of ambient noises. The end product is a beautiful explainer that, without saying anything, displays the Pencil’s inherent usage and adaptability. Great example of a successful explainer videos that you can learn from and use it to promote your own business.


MyCloud Marketing Explainer Video

Fun animations are used in the My Cloud demo movie to give interest and personality to what could otherwise be a fairly dull subject – digital storage. The plot follows an animated biker and mobile device user as he gathers and distributes fresh photos and videos, illustrating the difficulties of organization in the digital era. From a skateboarding dog’s video-within-a-video to a selfie-obsessed octopus, this explanation never takes itself too seriously. The continuous animations, which are paired with vivid colors, illustrate the various advantages of a central cloud storage solution in a way that is both eye-catching and enjoyable. It truly is one of the best explainer video examples you can find and shows how easy it is to use explainer videos to bring your product or service closer to the audience.



Spotify Explainer Video Animation

Spotify is all about music, and even its debut explanatory video doesn’t change that. To illustrate the service and its benefits for music fans, the movie employs a basic animation technique, a restricted color palette, and a very brief narrative. The animation follows the beat of the music, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to aural entertainment. It’s a simple yet effective explainer video that showcases the main goal of spotify.



Shopify Animated Explainer Video Example

The Shopify explainer video spends very little time discussing what the company does or illustrating how it works, yet it still manages to persuade viewers. Colorful animations that flow from one scene to the next compare how shopping used to function and how it may work using Shopify. This emphasizes the need of utilizing Shopify to allow consumers to make purchases from anywhere, as the service allows users to make purchases from social networking sites and even photographs.



WallProtex Animation Video Explainer

Customized products and services are usually complicated by their very nature. The Wallprotex film takes an audience of architects and designers step by step through the process of purchasing unique wall protection solutions, from concept to prototype to final production. The video’s distinctive chalkboard-style animations have a blueprint appearance and at points even resemble Wallprotex’s web interface for creating and buying items. A complicated procedure is simplified and made simple to comprehend using this movie format. A great way to bring your complex service or product to your target audience.



Furniture Smart (Cadabbra) Animated Marketing Explainer Video

Cadabbra’s animated explainer film, like the Shopify video above, focuses on what the platform can accomplish for its consumers. It employs stylized, virtually monochromatic animations to showcase the ways Cadabbra is transforming the interior design process. The film demonstrates how the platform’s immersive marketplace environment benefits not just customers but also merchants, interior designers, and project managers. Take a look at their marketing video explainer because you might learn quite a few things from it.


FuelBaby Animation Explainer Video Example

The movie not only shows the actual goods, but also the characteristics of a bottle in 3D animation to provide buyers a complete hands-on experience. While creating an engaging e-commerce product video, the video must pay attention to a few aspects. The most important aspect of e-commerce product promotion is to demonstrate rather than tell your consumers about the goods. Also, you must keep your animated explainer video short and sweet if you want it to be successful and impactful. This video hits all the marks which is why it’s on our list of the best marketing explainer videos.



Tommy John Animated Video Explainer

Tommy John apparel is designed to prevent bunching, stretching, and riding, among other things. Their explainers are sleek, vibrant, and include high-definition animation –– and they deliver on their brand promise. The video is extremely informative and easy to understand that any customer would want to get a shirt from their collection. That’s what you should strive for in your e-commerce explainer videos as well.



ManCrates Marketing Explainer Video

Even if the voice is amusing, this product presentation video does not make the best of the best list just because of that. This film demonstrates the brand’s ethos as well as what a customer may anticipate from the box and the opening experience. It accomplishes all of this in less than 30 seconds. It’s able to grasp every aspect of the product in such a short time so it doesn’t lose the focus of the viewer.



Nike Animated Marketing Explainer Video

The video for Nike’s Air Max 2017 focuses exclusively on visual aspects to convey the sneakers’ lightness and flexibility. The majority of the movie employs abstract motion graphics to depict the airy design and natural movement incorporated into the shoes, with pictures of the genuine Air Max sneakers intermingled. There are no words needed to convey to buyers how comfortable Nike’s Air Max sneakers will be to wear.


Yottaa Animated Web Video Explainer

Yottaa’s eCommerce acceleration engine helps online businesses enhance website speed across all devices, resulting in more conversions. It automates and speeds up the rendering of static and dynamic information, resulting in lightning-fast ecommerce web pages that improve the end user experience and increase conversions. Yotta can help you offer an optimal end-user experience on any device, wherever you are in the globe, according to these E-Commerce Explainer Videos.


In Conclusion

We hope that this blog post has helped you to understand the power of an explainer videos and how it can help your eCommerce business stand out from the market. If you’d like our team of experts to create a beautiful, effective explainer video for your company, contact us today with any questions. Be sure to check out more examples in our other blog pages if you need more inspiration on what is possible in the world of animated videos!


Article by Nicole Delgado 2022 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production



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