The Benefits of Real Estate Explainer Videos

The Benefits of Real Estate Explainer Videos

Despite the current events in the world, real estate markets are still holding strong and even blooming in some regions. This gives real estate agents and investors a great opportunity to make a profit and grow their businesses in the real estate space. However, with that in mind, the competition in this field has become enormous. Nowadays, it is difficult to gain people’s attention online because there are so many brands and companies fighting for it.


What’s left to do is to look at the creative options you have when it comes to marketing real estate listings and overall building an online presence for your real estate business. That is why we are going to look into explainer videos as one of the tools for better real estate marketing. Stick around to find out how explainer video content can benefit individuals and businesses in the real estate industry around the world.


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So What Are Real Estate Explainer Videos ?

Most simply put, an animated explainer video is usually a short clip designed to grab people’s attention and present complex topics in a simple and entertaining manner. Companies usually use one to two minute long explainer videos to describe their products, services, or generally business concepts and ideas. Explainer videos are there to answer basic and complex questions and allow the audience to gain valuable insight into those topics without having to read a ton of text on the website.


If you’re wondering how explainer videos can come in handy in a real estate business, here’s your answer. Animated videos fall into the category of video content, which is tremendously popular online. Most successful marketing strategies use video content because it converts better than text and it gives user experience a significant boost. In his book 60 Seconds: How to tell your company’s story & the brain science that makes it stick, Andrew Angus includes a couple of valuable statistics related to video content.


For instance, people who view a web video are 64% more likely to make a purchase, while retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average. This goes to show how powerful explainer videos are when it comes to conversions, as well as how big of an impact they have on viewer retention. Thus, using video content on your site will cut down the bounce rate because people will have a reason to stay on the page. Besides, the lower the bounce rate is, the higher your search engine ranking is going to be, meaning explainer videos can help you boost SEO as well.


You’re probably wondering whether explainer videos can be of any use to you since you’re not in the retail space. However, this type of content can suit real estate businesses and websites as well. The good thing about animated explainer video content is that it can be customized to fit any niche or industry. For instance, real estate agents and investors can use explainer videos to present listings, explain property purchase procedures, or cover other complex topics in their field. The same source we mentioned above reveals that 60% of people who participated in a Forbes survey said they would watch video content rather than read text on the same web page. Again, this goes to show how beneficial explainer videos can be to your real estate business because they are informative yet engaging and entertaining enough to catch people’s attention.


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How Can Animated Video Content Benefit Real Estate Businesses ?

Speaking of explainer video services being used in real estate businesses, let’s take a better look at the benefits you’ll get by making an explainer video or hiring an explainer video agency to do the job for you!


#1 Grab Attention

First and foremost, explainer videos are there to grab people’s attention. It might be difficult to get people to hear your message when there are hundreds of other real estate businesses trying to do the same thing. However, explainer videos can help increase engagement because they are entertaining and people nowadays need to be entertained in order to stay focused. Our attention spans are getting shorter and textual content can no longer keep us on the edge of our seats.

#2 Increase Conversions

The more time someone spends consuming your content, the more likely they will be to take a certain action. Whether you’re trying to get more open house bookings or schedule more calls with potential buyers and clients, explainer videos will help you increase conversion rates without putting too much money into your marketing efforts. After all, statistics show that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product if they saw an explainer video first. The same goes for services and real estate offers – even though you might not be selling physical products, you can still benefit from using animated visuals on your site.


#3 Create a Compelling Pitch

Creating an offer or a real estate pitch? You better make it compelling and fun to watch. What better way is there to achieve this than to use a real estate explainer video to describe your mission and plans? Regardless of what you’re trying to present, an animated video will help you tell the story the right way.


#4 Publish More Shareable Content

Let’s face it, video content is far more shareable than text. What this means is that people are more likely to repost your video content or share it on social media if it’s fun and entertaining. They already know that sharing textual content won’t grab as much attention as a video clip would. Hence, by publishing explainer videos on your website and social media pages, you will be giving people a reason to share your content and thus boost your marketing efforts at no extra cost.


#5 Boost Online Presence and Brand Recognition

Even though a real estate business is not considered a traditional brand, you still have to use branding in your marketing to ensure your online presence is growing the right way. Most simply put, branding is what you present to people and what allows them to remember your name and connect it to specific services in your niche. Thus, you still need to brand yourself even if you are a real estate agent or investor. Luckily, explainer videos are a great tool to boost brand recognition and present your story in a way that reflects your mission.


#6 Improve SEO

Last but not least, explainer video content can help you get better Google results and even rank you on the top page of Google search. Since video content is greatly valued nowadays, Google gives a significant advantage to websites that feature videos in one way or another. Thus, using one or even more explainer clips on your website can significantly improve your search engine optimization results.


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How to Use Explainer Videos For Your Real Estate Business


What we like about explainer videos is that you can use them for many purposes, including presenting your business to someone, making a pitch, marketing an offer, or simply showing off your real estate listings. In most cases, businesses use explainer clips to help solve their customer’s problems and explain complex topics. There are many such topics in real estate from scheduling an open house, putting a property on the market, and selling a home to buying one or investing in a multiple-unit property.


So, how do you use animated video? Research shows that it is best to have your videos around 90 seconds long to catch people’s attention and present your offer/idea without them clicking away. With that in mind, those 90 seconds are enough for approximately 250 words so you will have to be clear and concise with your message. Naturally, you can combine short animation clips with longer ones on your website, depending on how complex of a topic you want to cover. After you publish an animated explainer video, make sure to track the analytics to see how well it performs. This will give you insight on what to change and improve before making your next clip. 


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There’s a lot you can do with explainer videos in the real estate space. Most importantly, you will be able to make a memorable impact on the viewer and boost conversion rates to stay ahead of the competition. Now, you’re probably wondering how you can make an animated explainer video? We’re going to be honest – making these clips is not easy. It takes time to get it right, especially if you’re aiming for quality (which you should be doing).


Luckily, you can hire an animated video agency to make a realestate animated explainer video for you. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while someone else does the work for you. All you have to do is sit back and reap the benefits of publishing amazing animations across your social platforms. There is no doubt that your audience will appreciate the effort and be more likely to convert!


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