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Discover How Explainer Videos Can Be Used in the Blockchain Industry


With cryptocurrencies becoming insanely popular over the last decade, the crypto and underlying blockchain industry has expanded and branched out into many directions blockchain explainer videos can now be used to describe various aspects and intricacies of the blockchain industry

Nowadays, digital finances offer such great benefits and versatile opportunities that people are gladly investing in them and using them for regular transactions. The only downside for the ordinary user is the fact that blockchain technology is so complex.


In fact, many people decide to stay away from cryptocurrencies because they don’t fully understand them. It’s natural that a lack of understanding would lead them to back off. After all, no one wants to risk too much when it comes to finances. That’s  why it is important for service providers to be able to fully explain their blockchain-related products and offers.

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How Explainer Videos Can Help Beginners Enter the World of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


Even though cryptocurrencies have been around for a while, they still seem like a foreign concept to many people. If you’re a complete beginner in crypto, chances are you’re confused as to how the whole thing works. Keep in mind that this shouldn’t be a reason to back away from cryptocurrencies. It’s just a matter of understanding them.


This is where blockchain explainer videos come in to save the day. If you’re offering a service related to blockchain technologies, it is important to explain that concept as best as you can. By far the best way to do so is through animated video content that can entertain and inform your audience at the same time. Here’s why you should be using explainer video services and generally incorporating video in your business.


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Why Do Businesses Need Video Content?


When you think about marketing your blockchain related business, video content might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, video marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. After all, motion picture and visual content leaves a far deeper and more meaningful impact on the viewer compared to blogs and tons of pages of text.


With that said, video content is among the top performing types of content out there and it is needed to tie marketing efforts together to achieve better results. Besides, adding video to your website, especially animated video content, will make your business stand out from the competition and allow you to dominate your industry.


If you think about how many people watch video content online each day, you wouldn’t be surprised as to why this marketing tool works so well. There is no doubt that any audience prefers video over text and even photos, which is exactly why you should be using it in your business. Video content is more likely to convert ordinary visitors to paying customers or members of your community. All of these benefits triple when we take into consideration animated explainer videos which are, by their nature, more fun and entertaining to watch.


Besides having a great influence on the viewer, video can explain complex topics and simplify them to ensure everyone understands even the most complicated concepts such as blockchain. If you want to support your audience through the customer journey of awareness, consideration, and decision, the best way to do so is to incorporate a blockchain explainer video on your website and social media pages.


Animated explainer videos are a perfect fit for the consideration stage as they can simplify complex ideas and explain your products and services in detail. This will help the viewer transition to the next stage, that is, the decision-making process. However, the good news is that you can customize video content any way you like and thus use it for multiple purposes and objectives. If you decide to go down that route, make sure to hire an animated video agency to ensure the content you publish is of high quality.



What Is Blockchain and Why It Needs to Be Explained


If your product or service is based on blockchain or it uses blockchain technology in any way, you will have a lot of explaining to do. While there are many people out there who enjoy researching tech-related topics such as cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, there are many folks who have no idea what blockchain is and how it works. However that’s not a reason to ignore them instead of turning them into customers.


Most simply put, blockchain is a shared public ledger that allows transactions between wallets to take place. It is used as a base for the most popular cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. However, blockchain has advanced so much that it now has way more uses in different fields and industries. There’s a lot of confusion around the whole idea behind blockchain and its security/means of operation, which is why many people decide to just stay away from it.

Heres a useful infograph from a recent blockchain explainer video created :

how blockchain works explainer video

However, if you use an animated video service to create motion picture content and simplify the concept of blockchain, you can easily explain that it is just a public ledger that carries all confirmed transactions and allows users to verify new and incoming ones. The whole system is based on cryptography that includes encrypting data with a special key. Hence, the blockchain technology is considered to be safe and secure.


To prove that blockchain can be explained in a simple way, we’ll do so in a few sentences. Each Bitcoin wallet contains a private key that’s called seed and it is used to sign transactions and prove that they are valid. All blockchain transactions need to be confirmed within 10 to 20 minutes and this process of confirmation is called mining. In a nutshell, mining protects the neutrality of the network and makes it a distributed consensus system. ( see image above )

In other words, the mining process prevents people from controlling what is included in the blockchain. Everyone has full access to everything, which makes it a completely transparent system where no single body is considered an authority. This is a very simplified explanation of bitcoin so, if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to do some research (or look for other blockchain explainer videos to find out more).

crypto blockchain explainer videosThe Benefits of Blockchain Explainer Videos

We told you why video content is an important part of any successful marketing campaign but now we want to get even more specific – what type of video content should you be using? We’re leaning most toward animated explainer videos for a couple of reasons that we will explain below. Explainer videos are proven to increase click-through rates and boost conversions simply because people find this type of content relatable and easy to understand.


Most importantly, explainer videos help you present complex topics with ease. You can simplify any concept and make it understandable in less than five minutes by using visuals and animations. Instead of creating those outdated video presentations and spending a full hour trying to explain something and get your viewers to convert, simply hire an animated video service agency to create a clip and do the job for you.


One of the biggest benefits of using explainer videos is that you can tell a story and make it memorable, regardless of how complex or boring your topic may be. A small investment in an animated video service can take your business to a whole new level simply because you will be able to convert more viewers through the quality content on your site.


Besides explaining complex topics and making your site stand out, animated explainer videos can increase viewer retention on the page. In other words, having videos on your website means that people are going to spend more time actively engaging with your business. This helps Google recognize your website as an authoritative figure and thus it gives you a higher SEO ranking.


An SEO boost is just another thing on the list of benefits that explainer videos can provide. Most importantly, they can significantly improve user experience on your web page. After all, no one wants to read a ton of text if they don’t have to. Everyone would much rather choose a business that offers them a quicker and simpler explanation that is far more appealing in the visual sense.


While creating blockchain explainer videos might seem like extra work, it does pay off when you realize how beneficial that content can be. Besides improving your website, you can use the same content on social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram to give your audience more value across different channels. Altogether, animated video creation can help you tell an engaging story, help people understand difficult topics and capture their attention across social media, as well as boost SEO rankings and keep your visitors on the page longer.

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Final Thoughts


Altogether, there is no doubt that animated videos are the future of online marketing. If you haven’t been using video in your business before, it is about time to get started. This is especially important for businesses that are related to complex concepts such as blockchain, which need to be properly explained in order to sell the products or services to the masses.


Explainer videos make learning new ideas fun and engaging, which is why visitors prefer this type of content over other marketing tools. With an animated explainer video service agency, you can have professionals create perfect animations for your business and help you drive more conversions while you focus on more important aspects of running the company.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Article Writer | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production

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