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Top 10 Best Fintech Explainer Videos 2023



The fintech industry is expected to grow past $309 billion by 2023, which goes to show how relevant the new financial solutions are becoming. However, with that much growth comes more competition for companies and businesses in this space. Thus, such companies have to think out of the box when it comes to marketing and positioning themselves in front of potential customers.


10 Examples Of Some Of The Best Explainer Videos in the Fintech Industry


Nowadays, many fintech companies are using video content as a means of effective presentation of their message. Video content such as explainer clips has proven to be greatly beneficial in terms of engaging with potential customers, explaining products and services, and simplifying complex ideas. However, a fintech video has a much greater purpose than to just attract customers. It serves to keep them interested and help them understand relevant technologies used in this specific industry.


The great thing about explainer videos is that they can be used in various ways. Naturally, you can customize the content to suit any idea or message your business is trying to send out. These videos are usually short and to the point, which is why viewers appreciate them far more than text and static content.


If you’re looking for ways to improve the user experience tied to your company’s online outlets, consider using explainer videos to achieve great results.


Here are ten examples of well-made explainer videos specifically in the fintech industry.



#1 Capitalise Fintech Video

The first example we looked at is a fintech explainer video by Capitalise. This is a 2D fintech explainer example that shows how well you can present and explain what your business does in under 2 minutes. Capitalise used this time to explain their advanced platform that serves to connect businesses with lenders and provide access to the best financing options available. The video is simple and to the point – it explains how you can secure funding for your growing business in under a few minutes. What makes this explainer video so successful is that it puts an emphasis on the benefits and results while explaining how simple the whole service is.


#2 Adyen Fintech Video

Next up is an explainer video by Adyen, a tech company that’s changing the way we view payments within the global economy. Adyen used their customer loyalty explainer video to explain their point of sale solution in under two minutes. Unlike the previous example, this is a character-based fintech explainer video where the narrator introduces a fictional character in the story. Adyen is not an ordinary payment gateway – it’s a full service that handles the entire payment flow and manages all point of sale payments across Europe. By introducing the character James, the company managed to illustrate the struggles of their ideal customers and provide an efficient solution in only two minutes.




#3 PayPal Fintech Video

Back to another 2D fintech explainer video example, here’s how PayPal used their opportunity to highlight their service. As many of you know, PayPal is a globally known payments system that supports online money transfers from any corner in the world. This American company has done the impossible in the fintech industry and positioned itself as a leader above everyone else. Their simple explainer video puts an emphasis on the quality of the service, making it the fastest, most secure, and easiest option to use for online payments. Their video speaks directly to the customer and highlights the qualities they are looking for in an online payment solution.


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#4 Klarna Fintech Video

The next example is a video by Klarna, a company providing invoice-based payment and financing solutions in the world of e-commerce. Their explainer video is slightly longer than the previous ones, which can go both ways. Longer videos allow you to present more information, although shorter clips are more likely to keep the viewers focused. Regardless of the length, Klarna has done a great job explaining how their service can help e-commerce entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. They placed an emphasis on the struggles regarding abandoned carts at the very beginning of the video, which was a great introduction to their pitch:

#5 Tibit Fintech Video

Moving on, the next 2D fintech explainer video example is a clip by Tibit, a microtransaction platform that makes purchases simple and intuitive. Without an explainer video, this service might seem complicated at best. However, their simple animated clip does a great job at explaining what Tibit offers. It explains the concept of “tibs,” the pocket change of the internet. This platform was designed to support creators of all kinds on the internet. Users can easily exchange money for the so-called tibs and reward them to their favorite creators as an act of support.




#6 Meniga Fintech Video

Next up is the Meniga fintech explainer video, which we chose to include for one reason – it is straightforward and cuts right to the point. There are no lengthy intros or unnecessary information being thrown at the viewer. The core of the message is included at the very beginning of the video, followed by a more comprehensive explanation of the service. This PFM solution company used the explainer video to inform people about their data processing methods. The video shows you how Meniga adds more flexibility and convenience in the world of personal finance. Most importantly, the clip has a very powerful introduction that cuts straight to the point.

#7 STRM Fintech Video

Here’s another great example of a fintech explainer video done by STRM. Their video effectively engages users from the very beginning by encouraging them to imagine different scenarios. Then, they swiftly move to the point and explain their product – a social banking app that allows people to manage their finances with their community in a social and simple manner. Their service is based on biometric technology, which in itself is a complex term that requires some explaining. Hence, an explainer video proved to be the most efficient solution for STRM. In essence, their explainer video shows you exactly what STRM is about in exactly 2 minutes.

#8 Deloitte Fintech Video

Deloitte is another fintech company that used the power of a modern explainer video to send their message. Their simple and minimalistic video puts an emphasis on their core value and the mission behind their efforts – to connect global fintech. The video explains what the company is all about – supporting the development of startups and enabling financial institutions to adapt to and benefit from fintech technology. The video showcases the company’s activities toward making fintech widely adoptable. Overall, the video is simple, easy to follow, and long enough to explain what Deloitte is all about.

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#9 Kalgera Fintech Video

Here’s another example of a character-based fintech video. Kalgera is a secure fintech platform aimed at older people who want to stay on track with their money without compromising account details. It might be difficult for older generations to understand new technologies, especially when it comes to finance and security risks. That is why it is best to use explainer videos to simplify this concept and ensure that all customer groups have a good understanding of what your business does and offers. Most simply put, Kalgera provides practical money management solutions with security in mind.


#10 ARK Fintech Video

Last but not least, the ARK fintech video is worth mentioning because this is a great example of an infographic fintech explainer clip. As a leading investment management company, ARK used an explainer video to explain what fintech is and how people can take advantage of its evolving technology. ARK is all about finding large-scale investment opportunities through technological innovations. The topics they mention include robotics, big data, machine learning, blockchain, and chain computing. All of these are complex terms that require additional explanation. Hence, this type of an animated video was a great choice for this purpose.



Top 10 Best Fintech Explainer Videos 2023- Conclusion


Start Using Explainer Videos for the Fintech Industry


Whether you run your own company or you work for a fintech startup, learning about the use of explainer videos in this space is going to benefit your organization tremendously. Explainer videos are shareable and easily understood.


Hence, people are always going to love them. There are numerous benefits to introducing this type of video content to your business, from attracting new customers to nurturing existing ones.


The use of explainer videos can take your marketing to the next level. Not only are these clips a great addition to any fintech website but they can also be recycled and shared across all social media platforms. All you have to do is put together a brief two-minute clip and back up the information with compelling visual animations.


Although that might sound complicated, hiring a professional animated explainer video company will solve your problems. Let professionals craft your animated video for you while you focus on the more challenging tasks at hand. In the long run, you’ll notice the impact this type of content will have on your business in the fintech industry.



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FAQ Section


Q1: What makes an explainer video stand out in the world of fintech?

A1: Exceptional fintech explainer videos combine clear communication with innovative visuals, effectively translating complex concepts into easily digestible content.

Q2: How were the top 10 fintech explainer videos selected for 2023?

A2: Our selection process involved evaluating creativity, clarity, and the ability to simplify fintech topics. These videos showcase the best in communication and engagement.

Q3: Can fintech explainer videos benefit businesses beyond the financial industry?

A3: Absolutely! While tailored for fintech, the communication principles in these videos are universal. Businesses from various sectors can draw inspiration for effective messaging.

Q4: What criteria were considered in ranking these videos?

A4: We considered factors such as storytelling, visual appeal, accuracy, and overall impact. These videos not only inform but also captivate and resonate with their audience.

Q5: How can businesses leverage fintech explainer videos for marketing and education?

A5: Fintech explainer videos serve as powerful marketing tools, conveying complex financial services succinctly. They are also valuable for educating clients and employees.

Q6: Can these videos help startups in the fintech space?

A6: Absolutely! Startups can draw inspiration from the innovative approaches showcased in these videos to effectively communicate their unique value propositions and services.

Q7: Are there trends in the design and style of fintech explainer videos for 2023?

A7: The top videos reflect trends such as concise storytelling, vibrant visuals, and a user-centric approach. These elements enhance engagement and understanding.

Q8: How long are the typical fintech explainer videos featured in the top 10 list?

A8: The selected videos vary in length, but they all adhere to the principle of brevity. Most are within the optimal range of 60 to 90 seconds, ensuring impactful and concise communication.

Q9: Can these videos be shared on social media platforms?

A9: Absolutely! These fintech explainer videos are designed for online sharing. They can be easily distributed on various social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

Q10: Where can I watch the top 10 best fintech explainer videos for 2023?

A10: You can find the complete list above in our listing. Watch and be inspired by the innovative communication strategies showcased in these top-rated videos.



Hope you enjoyed this article on the Top 10 Best Fintech Explainer Videos 2023 !


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