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How Explainer Videos Can Be Used For Dental Practices Or Orthodontist 


Dental practices require marketing as much as any other field in healthcare, if not even more. Running a dental studio has become more challenging than ever before. The competition is fierce and it is getting more and more difficult to stand out. Nowadays, if you’re basing your business solely on dental services, you will need creative marketing ideas to make room for your name in the industry. Luckily, explainer videos can help you do exactly that!




Why Should Dentists Invest in Video Marketing


As a dentist, you might not be aware of the impact that video marketing could make on your business. Reports show that using video content on your landing pages can improve the conversion rate by 80%. Here’s why: videos are captivating and real. Not only will they capture the visitor’s attention and keep them on the page but they can also present your business in a more realistic manner.


If you were to land on two dentists’ websites, one with a bunch of text and another with a video on the landing page, which site would you spend more time on? Most likely the later one. Now, as the owner of that site, it is up to you to integrate video marketing the right way to introduce originality, authenticity, and professionalism. In other words, you must create content that matters.


That is the only way to stay relevant and stand out in a crowded room. By utilizing content and resources your competitors are not using, you will be setting yourself one step ahead all the time. After all, the majority of dental practices still rely on traditional forms of marketing which are highly outdated. Video marketing, on the other hand, allows you to deliver information in a faster and a way more entertaining manner.


With that in mind, a game-changing video marketing strategy could help you convert more clients and build a more positive reputation online. On top of that, video marketing will allow you to create and nourish better and more personal relationships with your audience. All of this leads to consistent growth and an opportunity to dominate your field’s online world.  


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How to Use Explainer Videos for Dental Practices


We’ve talked about why dentists should start focusing on video marketing but the main question is how can you use video content for dental practices? Just like any other industry, healthcare is packed with topics and questions that need clarification. This is a great opportunity for you to utilize some video marketing magic and create explainer videos to cover everything your potential visitors might be interested in.


What are explainer videos, you might ask? Those are short, animated videos created to briefly answer a question or explain a complex topic in a fun and engaging way. An animated explainer video can be used in so many ways which is exactly what makes it the go-to video marketing tool for businesses in almost any industry. Since we are answering to a specific group, here are five ways to use explainer videos for dental practice:

#1 Introduce Your Service

The first thing any visitor wants to do when they land on your site is get to know your business and understand what it is that you offer. Instead of having your potential clients blindly navigate random sections on your site, create an animated explainer video for your home page (or the landing page) to cover the basic information. This can be a great opportunity for you to introduce your service, show some personality, and let people know what kind of services you provide. Use this video to explain why they should trust you and what’s in it for them.


#2 Explain Complicated Procedures

Dentistry is complicated. Dental procedures can seem scary, especially to people who don’t know a single thing about them. Namely, you can use explainer videos to make these complex procedures easier to understand. That way, your patients will feel more comfortable coming to get a procedure done when they know exactly what you will be doing and why. The way explainer videos are usually structured is perfect for presenting dental procedures. A bright video with high contrast coloring and adorable animated characters can take your business to the next level. Not only will these videos boost your online marketing success but they will also make your patients feel more connected to your business.


#3 Invite Visitors to Sign up for Your Newsletter

Not all animated videos are meant to explain complicated topics and ideas. Some can be used solely to communicate with your audience and push them to make that next step – either schedule a consultation call, visit you for a check-up, or sign up for your newsletter. There is no shame in using explainer video production to give your email marketing sector a little push. In fact, people are more likely to respond to your suggestion of signing up to the newsletter if you encourage them to do so with video content. Therefore, one of your explainer videos should cover the topic of when and where people can find you online (email newsletters being one of these spots).

#4 Introduce Your Team

People love making real connections, even when they’re just looking for a new dentist. By creating video content, you will bring them one step closer to you and create a more realistic reputation online. After all, the goal is for the visitors to feel that there is a real person/team of people standing behind the screen. To achieve this, you can use animated video content to introduce your team and talk about your values and what it is that makes you different from the rest.


#5 Raise Awareness

Last but not least, explainer videos can be used in dental practices to elaborate on important topics and raise awareness. By regularly sharing explainer videos on social media and your site, you will get plenty of digital traction. While the attention your business receives online is not to be taken for granted, there is more to sharing explainer videos than just collecting likes and comments on Instagram. These videos can make an enormous change in the industry or at least in individual people’s lives. By raising awareness on how people can spot certain dental issues in time and why they should get their teeth checked, you can help bring down the number of people with serious dental complications.

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The Benefits of Explainer Videos for Dental Practices

From a marketer’s point of view, the main reason why you should start using explainer videos for dental practices is because they significantly increase the conversion rate. It’s as simple as that. All you have to do is create good animated content and you’ll be busy scheduling appointments all day.


Video marketing usually provides a good ROI or return on investment rate. While video production can seem intimidating and expensive, today’s technology makes it really easy to come up with professional videos at an affordable cost. You can choose to hire professionals to create explainer videos for you and receive all the gains without sacrificing too much time and effort.


Moreover, using video content will make your website more interesting in the eyes of Google. If you’re familiar with search engine optimization (SEO) and the way organic traffic works, then you probably know how important it is to show up on the first page of Google. The higher you’re ranked on any search engine, the more likely potential clients are going to find you among a sea of competitors. Using lots of explainer videos can get you that higher ranking you’re looking for.


Ultimately, your goal should be to build trust with your potential patients because the quality of any healthcare experience highly depends on trust. Video content is just the right tool to build trust because it engages the viewers on a higher level and appeals to their emotions. Once you bring emotions into the mix, the connection between a client and business is inevitable.


Lastly, using explainer videos for dental practices will get you seen on social media as well. This type of content is extremely shareable and likely to go trending. People love sharing helpful and useful information, especially if it is in the form of a photo or a video. In this case, your explainer videos should significantly boost your social media engagement.

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Final Thoughts

Adding a touch of personality to your marketing approach is key to turning leads into recurring clients. What better way is there to communicate with your audience than through visual content? Video marketing is the best tool for dentists who want to take their marketing game to the next level. Instead of falling in line with the rest of the industry and relying on traditional and outdated marketing strategies, consider bringing something new to the mix. Start by creating one explainer video to test things out and you’ll be surprised how much of a positive impact one single video can make.



Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Article Writer | The Explainer Video Company — Animated Explainer Videos For Business

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