What Do Animatics Companies Do?


What Do Animatics Companies Do?



Animatics companies are responsible for creating storyboards and pre-visualization animations. They are a crucial part of the development process in movies, commercials, explainer videos, video games, and other visual media projects.


Animatic production is a very specialized job that requires both creative and technical abilities.


Storyboarding is an essential step in the production process, as it allows creators to visualize ideas and plan out how the visuals of a project should be laid out.


Animatics companies will work with clients to create storyboards that accurately depict what the finished product will look like.


Once storyboards are complete, animatics companies will use specialized software and techniques to create pre-visualization animations that help bring the storyboards to life.


Animatics companies will typically work with a client from the earliest stages of development, helping to refine visual elements and make sure that all assets are ready for production.


They may also be hired to create custom animations or even entire scenes in a project if needed.


In short, animatics companies offer invaluable creative and technical services that help ensure smooth production processes for visual media projects.


From storyboarding and pre-visualization animation to custom asset creation, animatics companies provide the specialized expertise necessary for successful projects.





Is An Animatic The Same As Animation?


Is An Animatic The Same As Animation?


No, animatics are not the same as animation, lets see why:



An animatic is a sequence of drawings that act as the storyboard for a proposed project or animation. Animatics typically use motion concepts to create visuals without actually creating a full-blown animated production.


They are used in pre-production to give an idea of what the final product will look like and how it will move, and also to provide a visual reference for timing and pacing.


Animatics can also be used for other purposes such as commercials, music videos or educational videos.


Animatic Example:




Animation, on the other hand, is the process of using computer software or traditional methods to bring objects or characters to life by making them move on the screen according to predetermined rules and parameters set by the artist or director.



An animated video can also be used to create special effects and transitions. Animatics are a powerful tool to help plan animations, but they are not the same as animation itself.


Ultimately, animatics provide a much more limited version of what animation can offer; however, they can still be an invaluable resource in pre-production planning.


Animatics are often created by storyboard artists or editors who take drawings and incorporate them into a video timeline. This allows directors and producers to get an early glimpse at the overall look and feel of their project before any actual animation is done.


By working with animatics, creators can experiment with different ideas before committing to specific scenes, edits or designs in their final animated production.


Animatic creation is part of the animation pipeline, but it is not the same as creating a complete animated production.


Animatics are used to plan an animated production, but the animatic is not the animation itself.




In conclusion, animatics and animation are two different things.


Animatics are a powerful tool for pre-production planning, allowing creators to get a feel for how their project will look and move before any actual animation is done.


Animation, on the other hand, is the process of creating movements and effects with computer software or traditional methods to bring characters or objects to life on the screen.


While both animatics and animations can be used in tandem to create amazing projects, they are still separate processes that should not be confused as one.


10 Different Ways Animatics Are Used In The Animation Industry

10 Different Ways Animatics Are Used In The Animation Industry


Previsualizing and Planning:

Animatics are often used to previsualize complex scenes, plan out the motion and timing of a scene, and create storyboards for more detailed reference.



Animatics are widely used in the animation industry to help tell stories through visual aids like text, images, and sound. It helps bring the narrative together before animating it into a either animated commercials, explainer videos or full-length feature film or TV show.



Quality Control:

Animatic projects allow teams to review each step of production with playback features such as freeze frames and playbacks that check for mistakes or inconsistencies in movement or dialogue.



Pitch Presentations:

Having an animatic of your story already created allows for an easier and more efficient pitch presentation. This helps the client or prospect understand exactly what your project is all about, from the story to the visuals.




Animatics are commonly used in advertising campaigns to create a visual representation of an idea and help convince potential buyers that it’s worth investing in.




Animatics allow filmmakers to edit their projects before committing any time to shooting or animating it by allowing them to quickly and easily make changes in timing and speed up/slow down scenes.



Animatics can also be used to sequence different actions into one cohesive storyboard, making it easier for everyone involved in production (including actors) to understand how the scenes in a project will flow together.


Motion Control:

Animatics are often used to control motion in animation projects by allowing users to plan out timing and movement for each scene with precision.


Visual Effects:

Animatics can help create visual effects as editors can easily line up shots, add special effects, adjust the speed and timing of action sequences, and more.



Animatics are also useful when it comes to proofing footage before committing any time or resources to production, ensuring that all involved parties have agreed upon the same design direction and story concept.





“How To Guide” To Making an Animatic


"How To Guide" To Making an Animatic

To create an animatic, you need to first plan out your story by breaking it down into scenes or shots. Once you have your script ready, start drawing up simple sketches for each scene that depicts the action taking place in each shot.


animatic scenes


Use these sketches to create a series of images (or frames) that make up your storyboard. You can also use animation software such as Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion to create a digital storyboard.


Once you have your storyboard ready, it’s time to add sound and music. This can be done using audio editing software such as Audacity or Pro Tools.


Select the sounds and songs that will help bring the story to life. You may also want to record dialogue or narration at this stage.


Next, assemble all of your elements (images, sounds, and music) into an animatic sequence in a video editing program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro.


Here you can adjust the timing of each shot so that it flows perfectly with the background audio and other components of your production.


Finally, render the animatic and share it with the rest of your team. They can use it to get a better understanding of how your film will look and feel before going further into production.


As always, be sure to save multiple versions of your animatic as you continue to refine it over time.


Animatics are essential tools that help filmmakers and animators create compelling animations that are both visually engaging and emotionally resonant.


With a little bit of planning and creativity, anyone can make an animatic of their own!






Conclusion: What Do Animatics Companies Do?


Conclusion What Does an Animatics Companies Do


Animatics companies help bring your story to life through the use of illustration and animation. They work with you to develop characters and a world for your story, and then create a video that tells that story.


These videos can be used for presentations, pitches, or just for fun. If you’re interested in learning more about what animatics companies do or in working with one on your own project, contact us today.


We’d be happy to answer any questions you have or provide a free quote.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2023 | CMO | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Videos For Business

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