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The automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the world that’s worth an estimated $2 trillion. Such a lucrative industry is filled with thousands of companies around the world that deal with the design, development, manufacturing, and selling of vehicles. Companies from each of those categories deal with a wide variety of customers with different profiles, needs, and requirements. Meeting those needs can sometimes be a challenge, especially if the company is dealing with competition in the space. One way to gain advantage over the competitors is to put more effort into customer experience. Here’s how!



Why Use Explainer Videos in the Auto Industry

Explainer videos are commonly used in the automotive industry for multiple purposes. These are short videos that feature simple language and entertaining visuals in order to retain people’s attention and present specific ideas. This industry is packed with complex terms and lengthy, confusing procedures that one must undergo in order to purchase a vehicle or have custom developments done. That’s where explainer videos can come in handy to boil down those complex topics to simple and digestible ones.


In a nutshell, an explainer video is a short, animated clip that can be completely customized and designed to fit any purpose. In most cases, these videos focus on explaining businesses and services in simple and compelling ways with evocative language and great imagery. While many believe that explainer videos are nothing but marketing tools, they can actually be used to build brand awareness, engage with the audience, simplify messages and nurture leads.


Here are the main reasons why you should be using animated video services in your automotive business:



Raise Brand Awareness


Whether you run a car dealership or any other business in the automotive industry, brand awareness should be one of your main priorities. Nowadays, it might look like the technology we have available is making it easier to reach new customers. However, things are not as simple as they seem, especially when it comes to acquiring new customers in such a competitive space. Keep in mind that all your competitors will have some sort of online presence and, depending on how much effort they put into it, you might have to battle for attention online. That is why it is important to boost brand awareness through smart and entertaining content such as animated explainer videos.

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Engage with Viewers


Content that is considered engaging is the type of content your audience will respond to. How To Videos” and interactive explainer video clips are great examples of engaging content. Keep in mind that the content you publish must provide value to the viewers. Otherwise, it won’t be shared as much as you need it to be. Besides raising awareness, animated explainer videos are very shareable, meaning people are more likely to share them on social media compared to posts and textual content. Thus, the use of animated explainer videos can result in a significant boost in marketing efforts.



Simplify Your Message


Whatever message you are trying to send, using an explainer video will help you simplify it. Nowadays, people’s attention spans have gotten so short that they no longer have the patience to go through lengthy content on Instagram and other social platforms. That is why your goal should be to simplify your message as much as possible in order to keep the viewer focused. Whatever process or idea you are trying to put out there, an explainer video animation will help you take it to the next level. You can use these videos to improve car sales, encourage action, or simply explain a complicated topic or concept.


Nurture Leads and Increase Customer Retention


One of the best reasons why you should be using video explainers in the automotive industry is the fact that they can help you nurture leads and boost customer retention. For instance, you can focus on common concerns and challenges your viewers face when looking for the right car dealership for their next purchase.


Solving your customers’ problems through explainer videos can help you nurture these leads and convert them into paying customers again. However, that shouldn’t be the end of the journey. Make sure to provide good customer support and services after selling a car to ensure optimal customer retention rates. Another thing you can do when it comes to customer retention is frequently uploading YouTube videos and social media posts



Demonstrate Products or Services


Another reason why it is good to use animated video services is the fact that you get the ability to properly demonstrate your product or service. When demonstrating a product, it is important to simplify its features as much as possible, especially when talking about cars.


Businesses in the automotive industry often come across first-time vehicle buyers who don’t understand much of the automotive and engineering slang and terms. That is where explainer videos come in handy to present complex auto related products and services in a way that a first-time buyer would understand.


There is no doubt that viewers who get to watch explainer videos are more likely to purchase products or pay for services in or around their area.


Boost Advertising


Last but not least, explainer videos are widely being used in advertising because of their ability to grab people’s attention. In fact, video content is one of the best marketing tools out there. This type of content works especially well for automotive industry companies. For instance, cars are very visual products, meaning people prefer to see them before making a purchase rather than taking a shot in the dark. Animated videos are the perfect fit for this scenario because you can use them to explain how different car features work and what are its pros and cons. More importantly, you can use them as a base for your advertising strategy since video ads are now performing better than ever.

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How to Use Animated Automotive Videos


Now that you know the benefits of using animated explainer videos in the automotive industry, here’s how you can actually incorporate this type of content in your strategy:



Add Explainer Videos To Your Site


It is best to place an explainer video on the homepage of your website where not only is it great for your SEO but new viewers are also going to see it. However, make sure to add a couple additional clips on key product pages and pages that require further explanation. Inform your visitors of the potential benefits of working with your automotive business, and make sure to have an explainer video to back that up.



Use Animated Explainer Clips on Social Media


The great thing about explainer videos is that they can be used across different platforms. If you invest in an animated video, you can recycle that piece of content and post it on all of your company’s social media accounts. Smart investment, isn’t it? Besides, explainer videos are very shareable, meaning people are likely going to share your content if you decide to put more focus on video animations. This type of entertaining content will take your marketing efforts to the next level and have your customers market the business for you through the shares of the animated content.



Use Animated Explainer Videos at Events


While the number of in-person events was limited throughout the last year (due to the pandemic) we might be able to go back to our regularly scheduled program soon. With that in mind, companies can use animated explainer videos to educate people at events or inform them of new deals and vehicles at their disposal. Not only will people get a better understanding of your product or service if you present an automated video but they will also connect with your company at a higher level. A clear and comprehensive explanation of each product or service can help your visitors differentiate your company from the competition.

Animated Automotive Videos in Training

Use Animated Automotive Videos in Training

So far we’ve talked about how animated explainer video services can benefit your business in terms of grabbing people’s attention. However, this type of content can be helpful on the inside as well. Namely, you can use explainer videos to train your staff and present new plans and ideas. Statistics show that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video related to work rather than read a document or an email.  Your staff will be far more likely to engage with and actually remember your training once it’s done. Therefore, animated explainer videos can take your team to the next level and allow them to understand different concepts and plans of the company.

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Get Your Auto Business Started !


There is no doubt that short animated video clips can be a great addition to your company’s online outlets. However, it is important to keep in mind that these videos are not easy to make. If you don’t have the time or the skill needed to put together high quality video content, it is best to hire an animated explainer video agency to get the job done for you. That way, all you have to do is list your demands and requirements and the video agency will handle the rest.


Once ready, make sure to use the explainer video content across multiple social networks to boost brand awareness and lead to more sales and conversions. These clips can serve as an effective tool to promote your products or engage with key audiences across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2022 | Article Writer | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production

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