Explainer Video Best Practices

Explainer Video Best Practices



Subject Title Subject Description
Introduction Overview of the importance and effectiveness of explainer videos.
Understanding Your Audience How to tailor your video content to meet the needs and interests of your target audience.
Keeping It Short and Sweet Importance of brevity in maintaining viewer engagement.
Focusing on the Script Tips for crafting a compelling and clear script.
Quality over Quantity The significance of high production values in explainer videos.
Using a Professional Voiceover Benefits of investing in professional voice talent.
Visuals That Match the Message Ensuring your video’s visuals align with your message and brand.
Incorporating Music and Sound Effects Enhancing your video with audio elements without overshadowing your message.
Call to Action Encouraging viewer engagement and action after watching the video.
Measuring Success How to analyze the impact and effectiveness of your explainer video.
FAQ Answers to common questions about creating effective explainer videos.


Explainer videos have emerged as a powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal, offering a dynamic way to convey complex ideas or products in a digestible and engaging format. These short, often animated videos, focus on explaining a business idea or product in a simple, engaging, and compelling way, usually in 2 minutes or less.


With the right strategy and execution, explainer videos can significantly enhance brand awareness, conversion rates, and user understanding.




Understanding Your Audience

Understanding Your Audience

Tailoring Content for Target Viewers


Creating a great explainer video starts with knowing your audience. Identifying who they are, their challenges, and how your offering helps is key. This knowledge lets you customize your video’s message, tone, and visuals to match their needs and interests.

Key Steps for Tailoring Your Video:

  • Define Your Audience: Understand their age, profession, and interests to make content they’ll like.
  • Recognize Their Problems: Find out the issues they face that your product or service can solve.
  • Focus on Solutions: Present your solution in a way that’s clear and directly addresses their needs, avoiding jargon or oversimplification.

By aligning your video with your audience’s expectations, you enhance engagement and relevance, making your message more impactful.




Keeping It Short and Sweet


The Power of Brevity

Viewer attention spans are short. Keeping your explainer video concise, typically under two minutes, ensures that you can maintain the viewer’s attention from start to finish.

The goal is to convey your message as efficiently as possible without sacrificing clarity or engagement.




Focusing on the Script

Focusing on the Script
Crafting Your Core Message

The script is the foundation of your explainer video. A well-written script clearly communicates your message and engages your audience. Focus on solving the viewer’s problem, explaining how your product or service offers the solution, and why it’s the best option.

Keep the language simple and jargon-free to ensure it’s accessible to your audience.



Quality over Quantity

Investing in Production Values

High production values can significantly impact the perceived credibility and professionalism of your brand. Investing in quality animation, filming, and editing ensures that your explainer video reflects the quality of your product or service.

Remember, a poorly made video can do more harm than good to your brand’s image.




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Using a Professional Voiceover

The Impact of Professional Narration

A professional voiceover can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your explainer video. A clear, engaging, and professional-sounding voice contributes to the overall quality and persuasiveness of the video.

It’s worth investing in a professional voice actor who can convey your message compellingly.




Visuals That Match the Message

Visuals That Match the Message
Aligning Design with Branding

For your explainer video to make a lasting impact, it’s crucial that its visuals are in sync with your brand’s identity. This means carefully choosing colors, fonts, and styles that are not only consistent across the video but also reflective of your brand’s core values and aesthetic preferences.

Ensuring Consistency

Consistent use of your brand’s visual elements builds a strong brand recognition. This includes sticking to a specific color scheme, typography, and graphic style that align with your brand’s identity, making your video instantly recognizable as a part of your brand.

Complementary Visuals

The design should enhance the script, illustrating key points without overshadowing the message. Visuals are there to support the narrative, making complex information easier to understand and more engaging.

Strengthening Brand Identity

A video that mirrors your brand’s look and feel strengthens your brand identity in the viewer’s mind. This cohesiveness not only makes the message more memorable but also reinforces the viewer’s connection to your brand.

Balancing Design and Message

Achieving the right balance between design and content ensures that your video effectively communicates your message while showcasing your brand’s unique personality. This balance is key to creating an explainer video that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

By carefully aligning your video’s design with your branding, you create a powerful communication tool that enhances your brand’s visibility and appeal.




Incorporating Music and Sound Effects

Enhancing Engagement with Audio

Music and sound effects can greatly enhance the emotional impact and engagement of your explainer video. Choose music that reflects the tone of your message and sound effects that add depth to the visuals.

Be cautious not to let the audio overshadow your message.



Call to Action

Motivating Viewer Engagement

An effective explainer video always includes a clear call to action (CTA). Whether it’s visiting a website, signing up for a trial, or contacting your team, your CTA should be clear, concise, and easy for the viewer to follow.




Measuring Success

Measuring Success

Analyzing Video Impact

To understand the effectiveness of your explainer video, it’s important to measure its impact. Use analytics to track viewer engagement, conversion rates, and feedback. This data will help you refine your approach and improve future videos.



Using explainer videos is a top way for brands to share their messages clearly and effectively.
Following explainer video best practices is crucial for making videos that not only grab attention but also inform and persuade your audience.

These best practices include knowing who your viewers are, making sure your video looks like it belongs with your brand, keeping your message clear, and focusing on high-quality production. Each part is important for making sure your video does its job well.

Explainer video best practices are essential rules for creating videos that really speak to people. They help you plan and make your content with a focus on keeping your audience interested, making sure they remember your message, and keeping your brand’s image consistent.

As we wrap up, it’s important to remember that making great explainer videos is a continuous process. The online world changes fast, and so do what people like to watch. Keeping up with new trends, technology, and ways of making videos will help you stay ahead.



Explainer Video Best Practices: FAQ


What is the ideal length for an explainer video?

The ideal length is usually between 60 to 90 seconds. This length is good for sharing your message without boring the viewer.

How important is the script for an explainer video?

The script is crucial. It’s the foundation of your video, guiding the visuals, voice over, and the overall direction of the message.

Can I create an explainer video on a budget?

Yes, it’s possible to create an effective explainer video on a budget. Focus on a strong script and clear visuals. Tools and software are available that can help create professional-looking videos without a large investment.

Should I use animation or live-action for my explainer video?

The choice between animation and live-action depends on your message, brand, and audience. Animation is versatile and can make complex ideas more accessible. Live-action can add a personal touch, especially if it’s important to see the product or service in use.

How do I ensure my explainer video stands out?

To ensure your video stands out, focus on a unique angle or aspect of your product or service that addresses a specific problem your audience faces. Also, invest in quality production and a professional voice-over to elevate the overall presentation.


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