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Healthcare animated explainer videos are able to convert very complicated topics in the healthcare niche and simplify them to the point where they are much easier to understand for the audience. These videos are there to help educate the audience and make people aware of some healthcare issues and how to solve them.




Explainer Video Production For The Healthcare Professional Industry.



Having a healthcare animated explainer video on your site will improve your online presence across social networks, help you with SEO and bring your brand closer to a much broader audience that would much rather watch a colorful video than read some boring text.


The following article takes a look at the 15 best explainer videos in the healthcare field made by professional explainer video production companies. Take a look at them to get inspired and get your own idea of an explainer animation that can help you elevate your own healthcare business.



Kurzgesagt Corona Virus Animation Explainer Video

The pandemic appeared out of nowhere and left us all in complete confusion about how it happened and how the virus works. This video explainer shows us exactly how the virus is attacking the human body, how it works inside our bodies on a molecular level and how it impacts the entire society and the modern way of living. It also touches down on some preventive measures to stop the virus from spreading too fast. It’s an amazing example of informative healthcare explainer videos that will help you understand more about the virus.


Apollo Healthcare Animated Explanation Video

BQG created Apollo Maturity Services, a set of service modules that delivers a benchmark diagnostic of a client’s quality system’s maturity grade. Its services are known for their adaptability and customer attention, with a suite of service modules that may be combined or utilized independently based on the demands of the client and the scope of the project. An excellent example of making this Apollo program synonymous with customer focus and adaptability.



Croh’s & Colitis Foundation of America Healthcare Explainer Videos


Let’s face it, no one likes to discuss the inner workings of their stomach. This is why IBD patients may be hesitant to initiate a discussion with their doctor and colleagues about how to manage the condition properly. The use of comedy and creative execution aid creators in discussing the not-so-pleasant experience of living with an IBD. It provides a number of useful information, as well as a relevant discussion of improved decision-making and enjoying a social life with an IBD. The video has a very carefully written script which is meant to reassure the audience that it’s entirely normal and possible to lead a successful life even if you have IBD.



Werlabs Healthcare Explanation Video

Welabs is a business that operates in the medical technology field and offers consumers blood testing for health analysis. Werlabs provides private blood testing in clinics and at home around the United Kingdom. The purpose of these healthcare explanation videos is to provide people with the tools and knowledge they need to take charge of their health by utilizing Werlabs’ services.



Pfizer Healthcare Animated Explainer Video

Adults frequently have chronic aches and pains. But who’d have guessed they came in so many different shapes and sizes? The first step in managing pain is determining what sort of pain you have. Pain is difficult to convey to others since it is intangible. The creators have used animation to artistically portray many sorts of aches. The film also employs familiar examples and analogies to assist viewers in determining the type of pain they are experiencing. This animated explainer video is an excellent resource for learning about chronic aches and how to successfully describe what you feel to a doctor.



BioHealth Healthcare Explanation Video

BioHealth is dedicated to enhancing patient health by offering health professionals across the world with easy and efficient clinical solutions. It offers functional laboratory testing as a way to pinpoint the root causes of health issues and track the success of therapies. This healthcare explanation video is an amazing example that shows how BioHealth offers easy and efficient solutions to their clients as well as multiple choices for training.



QardioMD Healthcare Healthcare Explainer Videos


Healthcare professionals throughout the world are working constantly due to an uneven doctor-to-patient ratio in most nations. This implies that doctors are unable to provide the level of care that they would want to their patients. Technology advancements have resulted in digital health solutions such as QardioMD, which are meant to reduce burden and expedite medical operations. With the aid of data logs, this explanation video shows clinicians how to utilize the QardioMD app to enhance their doctor-patient connection. The animation video explainer exposes the problem and then quickly moves on to the solution, which is presented in a clear and simple manner. Users may get a sense of what type of platform they’re dealing with by watching a screencast of the app’s dashboard.



Omega Pharma Healthcare Animated Video Explainer

Omega Pharma is a company that specializes in over-the-counter medications and healthcare items. Omega Pharma’s unique products seek to provide customers with the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle and have a greater feeling of well-being. It also sells personal care items to consumers who do not require a medical prescription. This healthcare animated video explainer done by a professional video explainer agency is a great example that showcases the achievements of this company over the entire timeline.



Infoscan Healthcare Animation Explainer Video

Infoscan offers technology for remote diagnosis and monitoring of sleep breathing issues and disorders. This innovative and safe gadget allows for the study of sleep-related problems as well as continuous pulse oximetry monitoring. Infoscan’s animation healthcare explainer video compares the human body to a complicated machine, and how sleep apnea may create systemic disturbances.



Dohmen Healthcare Explanation Video

Dohmen Life Science Services provides pharmaceuticals and device makers intelligent outsourcing to help them interact more directly with their consumers. DLSS assists you in creating value for your customers and, ultimately, your patients as the industry changes from volume to value and from siloed thinking to making choices based on substantial data research. The healthcare explanation video discusses what DLSS has to offer in terms of healthcare explanations and solutions.



Cisco Healthcare Marketing Explainer Video

Cisco Healthcare IT solutions allow telehealth, telemedicine, and medical IT by connecting healthcare with software and hardware technologies. Cisco’s specialists link patients, physicians, and processes in a secure manner to improve access, quality of care, and efficiency. Cisco is a leader in the industry with innovative solutions that build the groundwork for a healthy tomorrow, as shown in this animated healthcare marketing explainer video.



Ricoh Pharmacy Healthcare Explanation Video

The Ricoh pharmaceutical order management system automates the ordering of medications in acute care institutions. The system works with existing hospital workflows to provide physicians, nurses, and pharmacists more control over the ordering and tracking of medications. The medical explanation explains how users of the system may administer drugs more quickly, save healthcare expenses, and improve patient care in acute care centers.



HCL Healthcare Animated Explainer Video

HCL’s digital health care management system equips the whole healthcare ecosystem with technology breakthroughs such as big data, cloud, and mobility to help them establish a sustainable competitive edge. They need to do a better job of engaging people, encouraging compliance, and promoting healthier lives. Despite the continuously changing regulatory healthcare ecosystem, the animated healthcare explainer video illustrates how HCL can provide simpler operational conditions.


Ion Torrent Healthcare Animation Video Explainer

Ion Torrent’s next generation sequencing (NGS) uses massively parallel sequencing to create thousands of megabases of sequence information every day, allowing new research investigations to be conducted. Its sequencing technique, which is powered by semiconductor chips, is simpler, quicker, more cost-effective, and scalable than existing sequencing methods. These healthcare explainer videos explainer take you on a visual tour of DNA sequencing and the ease with which Ion Torrent sequencing may be accomplished.



Vascade Healthcare Explainer Video

Vascade is a simple-to-use, fully integrated, extravascular, bioabsorbable femoral access closure device. It has been shown to be safe and effective in a wide variety of patients and leaves no permanent components behind. Vascade promotes fast hemostasis while avoiding problems, as shown in this healthcare animation explainer video.





Explainer animation productions are a wonderful method to show off your app’s, company’s, or brand’s features. They’re a powerful tool for bringing more traffic to your site and expanding your user base. Explainer marketing videos’ creativity should not be overlooked, as they may encourage your target clients to check out some of your items, resulting in increased traffic to your website.



Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production


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