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Best Engineering Explainer Video Examples 2022


The engineering industry is one of the most complicated and most versatile industries out there. With several different types of engineering and dozens of branches within each category, the industry expands way beyond an ordinary person’s understanding. Hence, challenges are bound to form both when explaining engineering products and processes as well as when educating people in this field. One way to ease the burden of this complexity is to use animated explainer video content to bring engineering topics closer to customers, students, or any audience in general.


As a branch of science and technology that deals with the design and building of different machines and structures, engineering offers a wide variety of career paths. These include biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, and petroleum engineering. Animated explainer videos can be used in each of these career paths to simplify product presentations, learning, and advertising. To prove that, we’ve put together ten different examples of explainer videos in the engineering industry, covering a variety of fields and sectors of engineering.



#1 Cyient Engineering Solutions Explainer Video



We’ll start off with a futuristic explainer video made for an engineering company called Cyient. This company provides engineering design services such as manufacturing, data transformation, and analytics. The explainer video you can see here is designed to present the company and its services, as well as pinpoint how they can benefit their clients in various different fields. What’s impressive here are the animations of different machines and objects that align with the company’s services and industry. This is a great example of how animated explainer videos can be designed to fit any sector, from simple ones to something as complicated as engineering.



#2 LAE Engineering Explainer Video



Next up is the LAE Engineering explainer video that perfectly illustrates how storytelling can be integrated with animated content. The video features the main character Miles who needs to find a partner for his manufacturing firm. As it usually goes with this type of explainer videos, the story starts with an emphasis on the character’s problems and then it provides a solution – that is, the services that this engineering company offers. Unlike the previous example which is purely informational, this explainer video focuses on problems and solutions. This is a great way to appeal to the customers’ needs and give them exactly what they’re looking for.



#3 SinoScan Engineering Explainer Video


Moving on, here’s another explainer video that features characterisation. In this case, the viewer is introduced to multiple characters, each carrying an important role in the story. This type of storytelling is best for explaining complex processes and services. After watching a video like this one, potential customers can easily understand what it is that SinoScan can offer them and how the company can solve their problems. People are far more likely to engage with this type of video content compared to written text on a website or a landing page. Thus, using videos is a great way to keep people interested even if the concept you’re trying to present is more complicated.






#4 Fabex Engineering Explainer Video


Next up is an explainer video made by Video Factory for an engineering company called Fabex. The company in question helps run pilot plants and support engineering projects. The company’s mission and services are clearly outlined in this simple explainer video in under three minutes. Unlike the first example on our list, this video doesn’t have futuristic animations and overly impressive features. It is truly as simple as it gets but it gets the message across. This goes to show that sometimes all you need is a simple animation – nothing too fancy. This is enough to present a company’s purpose in a simple manner.





#5 OBSS Engineer Explainer Video


Moving on, the fifth example on our list is an engineering video for a company called OBSS. What’s different here is that there is no audio narration like in the previous explainer video examples. Instead, there is textual content that follows the animations to provide a bit of extra information. If you overlook the lack of narration, the animations in this video are quite impressive. This goes to show that you don’t even need audio to make explainer videos work. Although it is best to use narration to simplify the explanation or capture attention online, in some cases you can let the animations speak for themselves.




#6 Acropolis Engineers Explainer Video


The following explainer video is an introduction to the services provided by Acropolis, an engineering solutions company. Acropolis helps clients troubleshoot and analyze their processes in real time. They provide a variety of high quality services including automation, PLC programming, driver integration, legacy equipment upgrades, system startups, and more. Information of this type can be considered complex and difficult to understand – unless it is presented simply through animated content. The video ends with an emphasis on how the clients can benefit from the company’s services, which is a great way to encourage people to take action or learn more about the business.



#7 RabIT Software Engineering Service Explainer Video


Next up is an example of a brief explainer video that’s just a bit longer than a minute. The video explains IT services provided by a software engineering company called RabitIT. As it is explained in the video, the company provides custom software, web, and mobile application services, as well as other services such as IT outsourcing, audit, and consulting. They provide services for startups and companies all over the world. All of this is presented in detail in only one minute and thirty seconds. This goes to show how much information you can fit in such a brief period of time simply by using visual animations.




#8 Avrial Animated Explainer Video


Here’s another great example of a professional explainer video for Avrial, a company that provides engineering solutions and machinery. This example shows how companies can use explainer videos to present their businesses in a simple yet profitable manner. Integrating video content to present engineering services is a great advertising strategy because it helps the viewers understand what the company does through professionally made visuals. This particular example is informative and straightforward. It features a minimalist style with 3D modelling, which includes brand colors of the company. This goes to show the benefit of customizing explainer videos to fit your company’s specific image and color palette.




#9 Kerone Engineering Solutions Explainer Video


Next up is an explainer video for Kerone, an environment friendly engineering solutions company. This company provides best quality economical process heating, cooling, and drying products. They place an emphasis on meeting specific needs of their customers in the best way possible. The explainer video you can see here shows how their products are manufactured in a high quality environment and produced by a qualified workforce. Altogether, Kerone’s explainer video sends a clear message to their audience – that they’re more than just an engineering solutions company. They care about the environment and focus on protecting it through their manufacturing processes. All of this is perfectly presented in the animated clip.




#10 Civil Engineering Explainer Video


Last but not least, the final video on our list is an educational clip that covers different career paths in civil engineering. As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many types of engineering out there, from design and manufacturing to civil engineering. This great explainer video example simplifies the concept of civil engineering and explains to the viewers what it is that civil engineers do and accomplish. The goal behind this animated clip is to raise interest in civil engineering careers and encourage students to opt for this path. These simple yet professionally made animations feature a lot of colors and contrasting shades to capture attention and keep the viewers focused on the main points. Overall, this example shows how explainer videos can be used for more than just promoting engineering companies, products, and procedures. They can also be used to educate people and raise interest in the engineering industry in general.




Final Words

These were the top ten best explainer video examples that cover a wide range of topics within the engineering industry. Engineering is a complex branch that requires specialization and endless learning. If you look at it from the opposite point of view, even the customers who seek engineering solutions need to have a decent level of knowledge to be able to understand these companies and services. The biggest challenge in staying relevant on the market is winning the audience over and standing out among so many competitors.


However, companies that use animated explainer video content tend to generate great results compared to those that rely on textual content only. It’s no secret that video content performs better these days, regardless of which industry we’re talking about. Hence, don’t hesitate to start using animations and explainer clips in your business, both for educational and advertising purposes. If you need help creating explainer videos, contact a professional video production agency.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production


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