What Is An Animated Explainer Video And Do You Really Need One ?

explainer animation agencyWhen it comes to communicating your primary business objectives, actions speak much louder than words. People tend to identify with visual imagery, so creating an explainer video that is filled with interesting content is a major challenge. In order to get your point across to potential clients and business partners, it is important to have a video that communicates what it is that you do and how your services can make a difference in the life of your target audience.


So what is an explainer video, exactly? It is a visual document to your business’ qualifications. It allows interested parties to learn more about what you do, while also providing a more detailed explanation. It is a way to simultaneously make an introduction and an impact on your potential client base and business partners for more on this topic check this interesting post on explainer videos


In an era where attention spans are getting progressively and sites such as Vine are making a killing by providing six second clips to eager consumers, it has become crucial for a business to deliver visual media that gets straight to the point. The point of an explainer video is to introduce yourself to the customer, while also making a case as to why they need to obtain your goods and/or services.


The average web surfer is not going to spend a long time reading lengthy press releases or dedicate more than a minute or two towards watching a video. The most important tip for fledgling business owners: treat your explainer video as your chance to make an elevator pitch. Brevity is to your benefit.


Since you can reach more people than ever and geography is no longer an obstacle to success, a video should emphasize your company’s strengths, while also ensuring that viewers are able to learn more about your story. Personification of business takes on added gravity in a landscape where so many companies are competing for the dollars available.


Simplicity is a key aspect of your video’s overall structure. Streamlining your message gives young children and older adults both the chance to understand it clearly. Reaching out to a media consultant can help you through this process. They will help you to create a video that establishes the problem you are trying to solve and how you will go about it.

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An explainer video production should clearly define a company’s value, while also providing a call to action. The most snazzy, complicated video in the world does nothing to spur an audience into action. By delivering a clear definition of what your business does, the problem that they are attempting to eliminate and their methods for achieving this goal, an explainer video can accomplish more than a press release or endless paragraphs of texts ever could.


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Article By Nicole Delgado | Content Writer – The Video Animation Company