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Video Marketing Statistics for Business 2022



Animated videos may assist firms in developing long-term consumer connections and creatively promoting their products. Let’s dive down a little further into these video marketing statistics and see how you can leverage the power of animated videos to propel your company forward.


One of the most common ways that people obtain information from the internet now is via the use of videos. Videos are used by individuals, corporations, and organizations to study, teach, market, and more. Brands may use video content to acquire clients’ trust, gain their loyalty, arouse their interest in a firm, spread the word about it, attract the attention of a cold audience, and so on.


Video is one of the most popular corporate trends, as well as one of the most adaptable media for rapidly delivering information without requiring extra cognitive work. There’s no need to read long tutorials or listen to instructions on how to utilize a product or service, or how to do any task.


People learn more by simply watching animated explainer videos or product demo videos, for example. You need not just consider the most engaging manner to communicate about your company on a website or social media, as animated promotional videos may assist you in doing so creatively.


Videos explain the entire brand narrative and roadmap in one or two minutes. And a captivating video ad on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network only takes around 30 seconds to pique a potential customer’s interest. As you can see, animated videos, explainer videos, and video marketing have a lot of power.


In this brief overview on video marketing statistics we provide figures gathered from the most credible sources on the internet to help you gain a better grasp of the state of video marketing and the advantages of video production for your success in business.


video marketing trends 2022


Video Marketing Statistics for Business



An average video retains viewers for 37% of the time

You want to hold your audience’s attention all the way to the finish while catching their interest and ensuring they remember the substance in your video. So, if you want to attract your audience and encourage them to visit your website or physical store, make sure your marketing videos are high-quality and entertaining, and pay for video marketing appropriately.


One million videos will be watched every second by 2022, according to estimates.

That is an extremely large quantity of data. There will be a sizeable amount of marketing included in that number, despite the fact that a sizable chunk of this content will consist of streaming television programs or movies. Streaming services such as Hulu are filled with a great deal of advertisements. In addition to that, there is an increasing presence of advertisements and sponsored material.


Online video has a global audience reach of 92%, according to some estimates in the end of 2021 and it’s going to go up in 2022

According to the statistics, the audience reach of online videos among internet users worldwide in 2021 was 92%. During this time period, the types of videos that were seen the most often were music videos, comedic and viral videos, as well as instructional or how-to videos. This number is only expected to rise higher in 2022 which is a staggering statistic that everyone should take advantage of.


Customers’ purchasing intent rises by 92 percent when they are made to laugh.

How many of us have bought something just because the salesperson or the person providing customer service was funny or charming? Laughter provides an opportunity for your organization to build relationships with prospective customers. Anyone who has ever worked in sales knows that building rapport is one of the most successful ways to sell items and services. This is true regardless of whether you are offering a product or a service.


A duration of two minutes is just right.

Why do we only have two minutes? The most recent statistics that are available on customer attention spans for videos indicate that they endure for around two minutes. However, videos that are six to twelve minutes long are also good. The research does not go into depth, but a significant portion of it might be because of the type of video that was utilized. When attempting to express a more complex product or service, a “commercial” that is only a few minutes long will not be enough. Customers are often ready to view a video of this nature so that they may obtain the information that they need.


Approximately 85% of videos shared on Facebook are watched in silence.

You should be aware that 85% of people who view advertising on Facebook do it in silence, despite the fact that Facebook video advertisements are extremely important for the promotion of your company and its products. Either build ads that don’t require sound to transmit clear content or utilize closed captioning to ensure that your Facebook advertising is correctly structured to support the most frequent use patterns.


90% of consumers use their mobile devices to watch videos.

According to statistics, about 90% of customers watch video material on their mobile devices. This is most likely due to its ease, since we can search for and consume material on our phones at any time. Because so many people view videos on smaller displays, it’s critical to optimize your animated marketing videos for them.


For 2022, 60% of content marketers intend to increase their video budget.

Evidently, there are content marketers out there that are cognizant of the significance of video marketing! In September 2021, Statista conducted a survey with a sample of content marketers working in the United States who are presently generating videos. Sixty percent of respondents said they anticipated an increase in their video budget in 2022, which would enable them to go to the next level of video marketing. Respondents to the study indicated that twenty-four percent of them expected to increase their marketing expenditures by nine percent.


According to the results of a poll, forty-one percent of respondents believe that videos cut down on support calls.

This is crucial since it implies that product videos contribute to lower product support costs. Make a few high-quality explainer videos, and consumers who have bought your product will frequently watch them if they have a problem. Let’s face it: no one loves calling technical assistance and will try to avoid it at all costs.

Owner’s manuals and assembly instructions aren’t always as helpful as we’d want them to be.

On the other hand, customers can watch a video and see how it’s supposed to be done. Fewer tech support calls imply cheaper expenses and happier clients as a consequence of a compelling video.



84 percent of individuals say that video marketing has persuaded them to buy something.

Throughout our video marketing statistics research this is a sizable number of consumers, demonstrating that video marketing can be an effective tool in your brand’s armory for converting views into actual purchases.


86% of businesses use animation marketing videos to advertise their companies.

According to a survey done by Wyzowl, 86% of businesses already use videography and animation video marketing to advertise their business. This statistic is constantly rising throughout the years and it’s expected to be even higher in 2022.

Considering that more and more companies are starting to use video marketing it’s only logical that there is a demand for this type of advertising because more and more people have access to different social media platforms where videos are much easier to consume.



Video Marketing Statistics 2022

Video Marketing Statistics: Conclusion:


On the basis of the above video marketing statistics data, you could be forgiven for assuming that the market for video content is set to reach its maximum capacity. The majority of the percentage statistics on usage, spend, and consumer sentiment are in the 80s and 90s, where they have been for several years. This is where the majority of the statistics have been.

The good news is that there appear to be unexploited opportunities for firms to sell themselves through video.

It is important to take note that people are continuing to watch more videos.


Since 2018, the amount of time spent watching videos online by an individual on a weekly basis has nearly tripled, as indicated by the findings of our research.


There is no way to quantify the value that videos may provide to a company. This is demonstrated by the data that was provided above. Animated shorts offer a potentially useful tool for businesses looking to foster lasting connections with customers and promote their wares in an original manner.


Videos are perhaps the most effective way to educate people on how to make use of products or services, inform people about your company, and engage customers on social media platforms.


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