Refund Policy

The Video Animation Company

Our Refund Policy


This refund policy applies to The Video Animation Company


  • sells digital goods and provides animations, software customization and development services.
  • Refund is applicable on digital goods only.
  • Services rendered by are not refundable as their payments are made after the completion of a task, milestone, or project and with the consent and approval of the customer.
  • All digital goods are refundable if they have been recorded by our system as never downloaded by the customer.
  • Deposits are non-refundable
  • Digital goods once recorded as downloaded by our system may not be refundable. The refund policy in this case may vary from product to product.
  • In case of dispute over the functionality of the downloaded digital good, the screen-shots and/or demo provided by with the product will be used as a reference. In case the functionality is proven not to be according to the description and screen-shots, the customer can claim a partial refund depending on the missing functionality. has the right to offer either a partial refund or provide an updated version of the product with the missing functionality added.
  • Cancellation Policy:Cancellation Fee. A 25% fee of the total project cost is charged to the client within 7 days for any cancellations made to answer for costs of set-up requirements and billing in relation with the services where the project billed has not yet begun.
  • We do not begin any work on any video without receiving 50% deposit on any issued invoice.We only offer full refunds on any monies paid if no work has been started after receiving written instructions from our client to begin the work.If we receive written instructions from a client to begin work, and then the client notifies us in writing to cease work on the order, we will assess what work has been completed at that point in time and issue a refund for any work that has been paid for but not completed.If a client wishes to cancel a work order at any time they may do so, however the refund policy (explained above) will apply.
  • To Cancel, The client is expected to send a cancellation notice that must be received via email only this is acceptable. Phone requests will not constitute acceptance of any refund requestThe video animation reserves the right to change, update or modify the refund policy from time to time without prior notice.