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Videos are becoming more and more important in today’s increasingly digital world. It’s enough to say that 96% of people who used video content in marketing throughout 2020 said they will continue doing so in 2021 and the years to come. animated explainer videos are useful in not only attracting audiences and promoting products, but also in creating and telling stories. Thus, explainer videos can be considered very powerful tools that brands can use to communicate with customers.

Explainer videos are short video clips that focus on explaining or presenting certain aspects of a business, including products, services,and or pretty much anything that would be useful to the customer. Good explainer videos can help potential customers understand what a company is all about, yet they don’t have to be dull and time-consuming!

Explainer video production can include fun illustrations, animations, and color combinations to help visualize and present the topic at hand. On top of that, they can include live-action footage or even whiteboard set-ups!

Using videos to showcase important features in an entertaining way is a common characteristic of video marketing. Explainer videos happen to fit perfectly in this setting! Explainers have become a staple in video marketing because they are so versatile and useful in delivering a message.



The Importance of Video Content in Marketing

There is no doubt that video content is becoming more and more present in our everyday lives. It now has a very dominant role in marketing since audiences are focusing on video content more than ever before. Videos are a powerful tool in marketing because they are versatile and can give a much better insight into information compared to other forms of content. Overall, videos aren’t only easier to share, but they’re also easier for customers to digest because they make information entertaining and engaging.


This can be helpful in marketing because it improves the return on investment and genuinely helps customers understand the products or services better. Visual content is by far the most efficient way to explain products or services to customers as well as motivate them to make a purchase.


In today’s digital landscape, videos are responsible for boosting engagement and driving the majority of online traffic. The versatility of video marketing is an important benefit. Although professional and high-quality videos are great to have, any business (big or small) can make a fun and interesting explainer video for their website. Making video content for marketing purposes can be simple and accessible and it comes along with great benefits as well.


Not only is video content easy to make, but it can also be created in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. Let’s face it, with the popularity of YouTube, Instagram Live and IGTV, and other video or live streaming services, including video content in your marketing plan is necessary if you want to remain competitive.


Recent data shows that over 80% of businesses use some form of video content for marketing purposes. Videos are also a good way to make sure your business is visible on the internet! Videos that target common search terms come up first in search engines such as Google, making your video and your business visible to potential customers.


The use of explainer videos helps add a personal touch to your business, giving a real-time feel to your content and building brand awareness. The use of video content on social media is especially important if you want to reach younger generations who are generally more responsive to video content than other forms. In general, video content provides a great way to reach a variety of people in a variety of places!

explainer video production for finance companies

Why Use Explainer Videos For Financial Services

The economy can be a confusing and complicated topic to understand. Within the economy, there are various different sectors and segments which can make matters even more confusing! There are many businesses involved in providing services such as ICO and cryptocurrency, banking, investment, insurance, and tax and accounting services.


These things can be so complex that it can feel impossible to understand what exactly a business provides! Finding a business that suits you and your needs can be even more complicated!


With situations like this, explainer videos can be a useful tool in providing a simple and short overview of what a specific service has to offer. They can be used to explain exactly what a specific service will do for the customer and how they can benefit from it. For example, a company that provides insurance can use an explainer video to provide an overview of all the insurance policies they offer and thus distinguish insurance against death or injury from car insurance.


An explainer video can cover exactly what is involved in car insurance, how it may differ from car insurance at another firm, and what the customer will get out of it. Such video content could help a customer decide which service is exactly right for them. If you think about it, this can ultimately help your business retain customers.


Explainer videos can also be used in the financial sector to help customers understand how to apply for different services. Sometimes, filling out forms or lengthy paperwork to apply for financial services can be confusing and complicated. A video can help point out what information is necessary and what isn’t, thus providing a quick ‘how-to’ and making the process much easier.


Moreover, this can set your business apart from other businesses offering the same services, as well as help you collect a base of loyal customers. Explainer videos can also be used to provide an overview of your business in general. The videos can focus on telling the story behind the company and providing insight into what goes on behind the scenes. You can also use this type of content to present the key people in your organization and thus make the user’s experience feel warmer and more personal.

Finance Animated Explainer Videos

The Benefits of Video Explainers

The use of explainer video production in finance service and fintech marketing can be beneficial in many ways. Here are 4 benefits of using this type of content:


#1 Create a Better User Experience

Animated videos can make the audience more engaged as they take in valuable information in a clear and concise way. This type of content can be fun and exciting but also informative at this same time, which makes it a great addition to your website or social media accounts!


Since animated videos can provide meaningful insight into a product or service, they can significantly help improve user experience. When someone comes to your website to find valuable information, they are much more likely to have a good time if you present them with a catchy video, rather than just a bunch of text.


#2 Make your Website Look More Professional

The use of video content, including but not limited to explainer videos, can help make your website look more professional and well put together. Videos are a great way to boost engagement on your website, which ultimately makes it look and feel more professional!


Not everyone in your industry will follow this path, meaning this is a great opportunity to stand out and make your website look better than the rest. Whether you choose to show off your products, services, or the history of the company, doing so will make your business look experienced and qualified.


#3 Increase customer retention and loyalty

Moreover, video content can help increase customer loyalty. Having videos explaining aspects of products or insights into the company will create trust between you and your customers. It’s no secret that people love watching videos but keep in mind that having explainer videos on your websites can help boost customer retention up to 64%!


#4 Boost Conversions and Sales

One of the most important benefits when it comes to animated videos and video content in general is that they do wonders when it comes to making sales! Explainer videos can motivate customers to buy products/apply for services, which will eventually increase your conversion rates.


They also help keep customers on your website for twice as long, thus giving you more room to promote other products and services you offer. Overall, videos can increase conversions rates by up to 80%, which is a pretty good deal!



Conclusion: Explainer Videos For Financial Services

Altogether, animated explainer videos are generally versatile and can be made to suit a variety of topics, niches, and industries. Most importantly, they can be fun and also informative at the same time! This type of content is particularly useful in Fintech, as the complexity of economics and the financial sector can make it difficult for first time customers to understand the services.


The use of explainer video productions on your website can boost the user experience, make your website look more professional, increase customer retention and loyalty, and push your conversions and sales as well.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of setting up a video on your website, hire a professional animated explainer video agency to create high-quality content specifically tailored to your business and the services you offer. There is no doubt you’ll notice a difference in engagement right away!


Article by Nicole Delgado 2021 | Article Writer | The Explainer Video Company — Animated Video Production For Business


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