Cost Of An Animated Explainer Video 2021

Animated explainer videos are a tried and proven way to promote a new product, provide a head’s up for a product release, and to generate interest in your company and its products.

Animated explainer videos are also uniquely suited to the growing market of smart phone advertising because the video can be created to fit the screen size.

When you are considering costs for animated explainer videos you need to remember that the process is essentially the same as making a movie. While your movie may only be 90 seconds long, the number of people that have to do separate functions for your video to be a hit is the same as the number of people involved in making an animated short or movie

You must use the production time frame adroitly so that your animated explainer video is ready before you launch your new product or offering. This time planning ensures you have enough time for any edits, corrections, or additions that you may want to make to the video.

The average time to create a 60 to 90 second animated explainer videos is three to four weeks. The average cost for creating the same length video is about $13,000 based on the going scale for each type of work that goes into the production. Costs can increase with the complexity of the video. A live person video and an action filled video will cost more than a white board video.

The majority of the costs and time involved in creating a great animated explainer video is story creation on paper and animation. Your production company will create one or more preliminary approaches based on their initial discussions with you about what you want the video to portray and say.

Once you have selected the format and style that appeals the best to your present clients and the clients that you want to attract with the video, the production company will make a frame by frame drawing of each frame of the video. The process can take 40 hours and will cost around $3000. The script that goes with the video can cost about $2,400.

The animation portion of the process is the most expensive. Each minute portion of the drawing must be colored and textured to promote what you want you customers to see and know. The process can be made longer by rewrites that you may decide are best during the creation of the video. Expect to pay about $4,500 for the animation and look at least 60 hours of work. The time frame can be compressed by having more than one person work on the animation but the costs will increase.

You should hire a voice professional for your animated explainer video. Many well know movie and television stars do voice over work and you may expect to pay more for their services. The voice gets and keeps a customer’s attention just as much as the video. A voice pro for a 90 second video costs about $300.

You can also expect and plan to pay for illustrations made by a third party and music. The cost of the illustrations and music varies around the popularity of the artist that originally made the drawing or song you want to use. The average costs are about $300.

The rest of the costs include the technical work to compress the video to a net friendly format, uploading the video to your server or website, meetings, planning, and revisions.

What you pay for an animated explainer video depends on the experience and reputation of the production company. The most professional people actually cost you less because they get the work done faster with less revision.

Article by Nicole Delgado | Article Writer | The Video Animation Company | Animated Video Explainers