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15 Amazing Explainer Videos For The Insurance Industry



Check out some of these explainer videos currently in the insurance industry and examples of how they are being used. Insurance is very important as it is a way of safeguarding your well-being in case of losing your finances. It’s a type of risk management that’s generally utilized to protect against the danger of a speculative, unpredictable loss. With so many different types of insurance to pick from and insurance firms to choose from, it’s critical for an insurance company to be able to successfully reach out to their target clients. Insurance firms use video marketing in the form of advertisements, promotions, and product overviews, among other things.



In the article below we are going to discuss 15 amazing explainer videos for the insurance industry examples from various insurance solutions. Check out the videos below to get fresh new marketing ideas for your own insurance solution.

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BNZ Life Insurance Explainer Videos For The Insurance Industry


The life insurance plans offered by BNZ assist you in ensuring that you and your family are financially protected in the event of an unexpected accident. Payment claims might be used to supplement your income while you are unable to work, as well as to assist pay for debts, living expenses, medical treatment, burial expenses, future school costs, and other expenditures. The life insurance policy video demonstrates how their policies may provide relief by providing protection against life’s terrible and unanticipated occurrences. Check out one of the best animated explainer videos in the insurance niche.



Antrim IT Insurance Animated Explainer Video

Antrim Group is a one-stop shop for IT service firms looking for insurance. Data loss, software or system failure, copyright infringement, and other Cyber Risks are covered by their insurance plan. The Antrim insurance solution video discusses the importance of IT insurance in today’s ever-changing IT world. Since cyber risks are constantly on the rise, IT insurance is something each company needs and this animated marketing video explains how to get it and why you need it perfectly.



Allstate Insurance Animation Video Explainer

In the event that your personal possessions are damaged or destroyed in a covered loss, Allstate’s personal property coverage of your homeowner property insurance helps you safeguard them. It connects you with an insurance representative who can explain how your Allstate policy protects you and answer any questions you might have. The property insurance solution video demonstrates how Allstate Insurance can help you save money while maintaining coverage. Check out their example to see what an amazing animation video explainer looks like and how companies are utilizing explainer videos for the insurance industry.



Voya Financial Insurance Animation Explainer Video

Voya Financial is a life insurance business that provides dependable financial security for you and your loved ones. You may customize your coverage to fit a specific financial need, such as a mortgage, burial expenses, or your children’s education. The life insurance solution video demonstrates how Voya’s beneficiary support services can provide financial and personal assistance to beneficiaries. It’s an awesome example of a great animation explainer video used for marketing purposes. It turns a complex topic into easily digestible bits and pieces.


Allianz Travel Insurance Marketing Video Explainer

Allianz Travel Insurance covers you in the event of an unforeseen travel emergency. They compensate you for nonrefundable expenses such as cancellation or suspension of your plans due to covid circumstances. They also cover out-of-pocket expenditures incurred as a result of trip delays. The animated travel insurance policy video discusses the rising number of travel hazards and how their plans may help you reduce them. It is perfectly put together to be understood by every audience, even if you don’t have any experience with insurance. Make sure you check out the allianz travel insurance marketing video explainer because it’s a great example of just one of the explainer videos for the insurance industry here..



RACQ Explainer Videos For The Car Insurance Industry

RACQ provides loss and damage insurance for automobiles and motorbikes. They provide a variety of plans to fit your lifestyle and vehicle, including coverage for rare and vintage automobiles. The RACQ car insurance solution video explains the many forms of automobile insurance available. It’s a brilliant video explainer that is put together perfectly so it can be understood by the majority of people. Definitely a perfect example of a neatly put together explainer animation video.



UniBank Car Insurance Animated Marketing Video Explainer

UniBank is a financial services company that specializes in small businesses and personal banking. Its Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy assumes responsibility for paying the customer’s insurance premium. This auto insurance policy video introduces their convenience offering to the vehicle insurance industry and aims to attract new clients. This type of animated marketing videos are a great example and you can learn a lot by taking a look at how their video is made. It can inspire you to get an explainer animation agency and make a video for your own business.



MetLife CAR Insurance Animation Explainer Video

MetLife vehicle insurance provides comprehensive and collision coverage as well as a variety of alternatives to meet your specific needs. New car replacement, special parts replacement, improved rental car damage coverage, and identity theft protection are all included in their plans at no additional cost. The auto insurance policy video provides an overview of all the features available in their plans. Their plans are extremely complex but the video manages to put them together in an easy-to-understand video that anyone can grasp without putting too much effort.



WorldTrips Travel Insurance Business Explainer Video

WorldTrips Travel Insurance plans assist you in coping with unexpected events while on the road. The firm offers a variety of travel insurance packages, including education, business, and others. The video demonstrates how WorldTrips can assist you in being prepared for unanticipated situations and hazards when traveling. It’s important to be aware how insurance companies can protect you from unanticipated situations and what they cover in their plans. That is perfectly explained in their insurance business explainer video.



TravelInsurance.com Marketing Explainer Video

TravelInsurance is an online platform that allows you to compare and buy travel insurance from reputable providers based on your specific travel requirements. Their travel insurance video demonstrates how their comparison tool makes it simple to interpret plans and weigh alternative travel insurance add-ons to find the best coverage for you. The video above demonstrates how TravelInsurance can assist you in finding and purchasing travel insurance coverage from reputable businesses.


AllPropertyClaims Insurance Animated Video Explainer

Allpropertyclaims is a property insurance claims and restoration company that covers damage from burst pipes, slow leaks, concealed leaks, clogged drains, overflows and spillages, fire and smoke damage, and accidental damage. All property claims will offer your insurance company with a thorough quotation for building repairs, and the costs will be agreed upon with your insurers or their loss adjusters. The video below demonstrates how Allpropertyclaims can help you resolve and manage your insurance claim concerns. It is another excellent example of how to create amazing explainer videos for the insurance industry that brings your services closer to the people and allows them to fully understand what you offer.



WorkCover Accident Insurance Explainer Animation Video

Employees who are injured at work can claim for workers compensation under WorkCover’s accident insurance. WorkCover accident insurance covers your claim costs, including weekly compensation and medical, hospital, and travel expenses for injured workers. WorkCover’s accident insurance solution video illustrates how it can assist you in keeping your workplace safe. Check out their carefully put together explainer animation video to get great ideas on how you can use this for your own insurance business.



BankBazar insurance Animated Explanation Video

BankBazar is an online marketplace for insurance comparison and purchase. It gives information about the various insurance companies and the products they offer on the market. It allows you to quickly evaluate different offers, features, rates, and coverage to make an informed decision. The online insurance solution video demonstrates how BankBazar can assist you in locating and purchasing the appropriate insurance coverage for your needs. It puts together a complicated topic with so much information in a way that is easy to understand and make a decision.



AXA Affin Travel Insurance Animated Promotional Video Explainer

With 107 million clients in 64 countries, AXA is the global leader in insurance and investments. AXA SmartTraveller covers you for any unexpected occurrences that occur during your foreign visits, such as accidents or sickness. In a straightforward and entertaining manner, AXA Affin’s travel insurance video illustrates the necessity of travel insurance.



Fast Cover Travel Insurance Animation Video Explainer

Fast Cover was founded with the goal of offering high-quality travel insurance that was not only comprehensive but also simple and straightforward to comprehend. When Fast Cover first started in 2010, they set out to do just that. Fast Cover’s regular and comprehensive travel insurance products are briefly described in this video which is an amazing example of how a video of this sort can help you bring your services closer to your clients.



In Conclusion

With the examples of insurance policy and solution videos above, it’s clear that businesses are quickly incorporating videos into their marketing efforts and other touchpoints. If you’re in a comparable industry, these videos are a fantastic place to start when deciding on a tone and style for your videos. As a leading animated explainer video agency we highly recommend that you be unusual and unique while creating your video messaging.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2023 | Marketing Manager | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Video Production


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