A Video Analytics Introduction For Online Marketers

A Video Analytics Introduction

Having a top notch online video is great, as well as having the promotional tools to ensure that the consumer has a chance to watch it. However, learning how well that your video is doing is and being able to measure the results is more important. Video analytics provide those measurable metrics, so that a company can know just how well their online video is doing.


The Art Of Online Video


The creation of a quality video requires those who are artistically and creatively gifted. Writing, designing, illustrating, and animating an online video that is able to get a company’s message across takes a great deal of hard work from a creative standpoint.


Making a top notch explainer video means that a highly detailed analysis must be performed, so that the creators are accurately able to synthesize the company’s message. A video is typically only 1 or 2 minutes long, so brevity is key.


Creating a video that is a true work of art helps to set the business apart. Excellent craftsmanship goes a long way towards establishing a company’s message and does more than fancy slogans and quoted statistics ever will.


…..Now For The Science


When a marketer is in search of proof that their video is actually working, science takes on added importance. Having the prettiest video in the world means nothing if you cannot accurately gauge its impact on your company’s brand equity, sales and overall rate of conversion.


With the use of video analytic tools, you can learn just how many potential consumers have watched the video, the manner in which they are consuming the media and if they are finishing the entire video during their viewing sessions.


By gathering all of this vital information, a company can find out exactly what aspects of their video presentation are connecting with consumers and more importantly, which ones are not. This data allows for further refinement of the message for future presentation.


There are a wide range of tools available for measuring the analytic aspect of online video. Vimeo, YouTube and Wistia all provide analytic tools to businesses and companies that require them.


Let’s finish by taking a look at 5 of the most crucial video analytics that can provide improvement to your overall marketing efforts.


  1. Unique Viewership


Knowing exactly how many individuals are looking at your online video is incredibly important. This allows a business to know just how wide their overall reach is and how many repeat viewers their video is drawing.


  1. Rate Of Play


This shows a business how many of their site’s viewers are staying to watch their video. A high percentage is the aim, so if your play rate is low, you will need to make changes.


  1. Time Spent With Video


Even more important than knowing how many people are watching the video is knowing how many people are taking the time to finish it. This data shows you the amount of people that are sticking with your video from beginning to end, allowing you to make changes as needed.


  1. Drop Off Point


If there is a point where the majority of viewers are tuning out, the drop off point data will display it. Conversely, there may be a point where the viewer has already gotten the information they need. Careful analysis of these points is necessary.


  1. Rate Of Completion


This shows a business the number of people who are watching the video until its conclusion and seeing the call to action. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing whether your video is moving your potential consumers to the next part of the sales journey.