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23 Things Video Marketers Should Know In 2022


The year 2022 is rapidly approaching, and, as we repeat every year, video is only getting better. As we approach 2022, it’s very difficult to ignore video in the marketing industry. Traditional broadcast commercials, digital OOH placements, social advertisements, and a plethora of additional channels are all essential to marketing success.

Video increases the standard across owned, earned, and paid channels, and it’s set to dominate the marketing landscape in 2022. If your company is still putting off video content for some unspecified future date, you’re already missing out on many of its benefits. You could have even read a previous version of this post last year, assuring yourself that in 2021, you’d finally emphasize video. Well, 2021 has passed, and those who bet big on video are reaping the benefits.

If you’re still not convinced, consider the following video marketing statistics for 2021, which will persuade you to employ video marketing to advertise your brand.



Using Video To Find New Contacts

One of the perks of video marketing is that you can engage your new contacts after you’ve captured their attention. This stage is all about connecting with your audience, so you may want to focus on social media or email marketing to keep the conversation going. Video is ideal for the engagement stage because it provides viewers with a real approach to learn more about your company without feeling pressured to buy right away.

About 86% of marketers said that video marketing has helped them increase traffic to their website and 83%


Videos Can Help You Nurture Prospective Customers

Your goal at this point is to maintain contact with your audience and demonstrate why your product or service is the best fit for their requirements. However, instead of focusing on making a sale, you’re using the nurture stage to establish a connection. Here are some statistics on how video may help with the nurturing stage.

About 94% of marketers out there said that using video helped them increase their user understanding of the service or product they are offering while viewers said that they understand 95% of the message a video is trying to convey.


video marketing for business 2022

Video Marketing Helps You Attract Audience

It seems to reason that video material is efficient in recruiting new consumers. It mixes visual images, music, and other elements like effects or text headers to create a more complete representation of your notion than any one component could. Furthermore, because video is dynamic, it attracts attention more effectively than static images or walls of text. Here are some statistics from this year that prove video marketing is a must for your business.

85% of marketers out there say that videos helped them attract attention online and 84% reported that videos aided their efforts to generate leads. Furthermore, 90% of people and consumers reported that they bought new brands they saw on videos on Youtube and to top it all of, video ads were the #1 way customers discovered a brand online.


Videos Can Be A Great Way To Close Deals

When it comes to turning prospects into consumers, video is unrivaled. Video allows users to see your product or service in action, addressing any questions they might have and displaying real-world applications. This is excellent for overcoming any last-minute objections and bridging the interest-to-purchase gap. Here are some statistics that show how successful video is in converting visitors.

More than 50% of online shoppers reported that a video helped them decide which brand to go for and about 84% of shoppers reported that they were convinced to buy a product by watching a video from the brand. On the other hand, 78% of marketers reported that videos have directly helped them increase their sales and 93% of brands increased their customers because they put out a video on social media.


Videos Can Be Used To Improve Customer Relations

Many businesses overlook the need of interacting with existing consumers in order to provide an excellent post-purchase experience and increase brand loyalty. Both may be accomplished with video. Customers can get the most out of their new product or service with post-purchase content, and subsequent touchpoints down the line can continue to grow the connection and generate trust.

93% of the customers reported that videos helped them with instructions after they purchased a product and 43% of marketers reported that using videos lowered the amount of times their support line was called with questions.

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Video Viewing Habits of Consumers

In recent years, the way viewers interact with video content has fundamentally changed, and the need for brand video content has never been stronger. Take a look at the statistics below to see for yourself.

69% of the consumers reported that they would rather learn about a new service or product by watching a video such as an animated explainer video instead of reading about it while 85% of people reported that they want to see more videos from brands next year. Additionally, 78% of interviewees reported that they are watching videos weekly and 55% of those said they watch online videos daily. Another 88% of people reported that videos help them with collaboration and increases efficiency where they work while 84% of marketers think that video creation skills are very important when you are looking at candidates for a marketing position.


Video Marketing Industry Trend

Let’s look at some statistics from the video marketing business as a whole. You may be curious about how your rivals use video, what returns other marketers have seen from video, and where the industry is headed in 2022 and beyond. Here are some statistics for this as well.

99% of marketers are going to keep using videos for their marketing purposes and 88% of them are going to increase their budget for video campaigns. This year, using video was much more successful than blogging or infographics. Around 86% of businesses are using videos as a marketing tool to promote their business and 46% of marketers are engaging in live video streams as part of their social media strategies. 94% of marketers reported that video marketing is an important part of their overall strategy while 70% of businesses said they were making and posting more videos this year when contrasted to last year and 96% of online marketers have ads placed on their videos. The main reasons why marketers are not using videos aren’t because they think they aren’t working but 16% reported that they don’t have the time, 17% said they don’t have the budget for it and another 17% reported that they don’t have any idea where to start.


Video Marketing Statistics On Different Platforms

It’s time to look at video marketing metrics split down by different platforms  now that we’ve looked at stats broken down by particular marketing goals. We’ll concentrate on the contrasts between various social media sites because there’s a lot to learn from them.


youtube video marketing


Youtube is actually the number 1 purchase driver among social media platforms. 87% of people reported that they can come to a decision quicker when they are browsing through YouTube videos while 84% of people all over the world like to watch video content on this platform. 65% of people across the world who like to watch video chose YouTube as their favorite platform and over 40% of online shoppers reported that they bought products they saw on YouTube for the first time.


instagram video


Instagram stories is a place where 58% of people reported that they got interested in a product after seeing it in a story while 50% of people reported that they followed a link and opened a website to get a product after seeing it in a story. 77% of marketers reported that they posted an IGTV video and about 1 in 4 customers purchased something after they saw a story on Instagram.


facebook video marketing


Facebook is an excellent place to improve your social engagement and using videos is a great way to do it. According to statistics, the best length for video on facebook is somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes. Furthermore, many accounts on facebook with over 100,000 followers and likes are posting 71% of the video content there which means it pays off big time.


tik tok video marketing


TikTok is fairly new and still not as used as the other 3 but 66% of the marketers who tried TikTok said they had success with it. 63% of the videos that have the highest click-through rate get to the point of the video within the first 3 seconds. Videos shot vertically have 25% higher watch-through rate than other videos on this platform.



These 43 video marketing statistics for 2022 should have persuaded you that video should be a part of your content marketing strategy. If that’s the case, and you don’t know where to start, make sure you consult us to get the best video marketing strategy. We are certainly here to assist you in your decision process and help you understand your goals and audience as well as formulate a plan based on your budget.


Article by Nicole Delgado 2022 | Article Writer | Explainer Video Company | Animated Explainer Videos

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